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really like him, really want him, really confused...


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hey. okay... i've known this guy since i was little and i go to school with him. i got one night with him, then we got back to school and he said some mean things about me, but not directly to me. what he said hurt me, so i was determined to hate him, but he said something about me not talking to him, so that was the end of that. sometimes he'll smile at me or shove me, playing around, but most of the time he just gives me a blank look or doesnt look at me at all. someone said he likes a friend of mine, but who knows if it's true. this is the first time i've ever been interested in someone who i wasn't sure about their interest in me first, so i'm going insane. to make things worse, i've never fallen so hard or fast for someone before. (on top of that his emotions are impossible to read unless he tells you straight out) i can't get him off my mind, and i see him at school every day. any ideas on what to do? i'm really not used to being in this situation...


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I'm not really sure what you're looking for as far as advice is concerned. Are you trying to figure out if he likes you or do you want to get together with him? I'm not really sure.


I'd say if he's bad mouthing you behind your back that's not a good sign that he likes you. The fact that the two of you don't really talk much isn't a good sign either. Normally I'd write it off as shyness but you said you'd had a night with him so I'm guessing he's not that shy.


Honestly I'm not sure how viable this relationship is... I'm not sure what attracts you to this guy. IMO if someone is going to bad mouth you they aren't worth your time.

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Just a couple of general things to keep in mind. First one is, try to never decide you're going to hate somebody. I realize that you're not of that mindset anymore with this guy, but I find determining that you're specifically going to dislike somebody never seems to have a happy ending.


Second, don't hold yourself to trying to be with this one guy it there doesn't appear to be much on his side. By all means put some effort into seeing if there is anything there, but remember that you can't make him want to be with you.


Life deals us these cruel twists at times. Sometimes it's best not to try and pursue something that doesn't look promising, possibly ignoring something else at the same time. Perhaps it's time to move past this person. You imply that you've been in some mutually rewarding relationships before, wouldn't you rather look for one of those again? Our minds can play tricks on us sometimes, meaning that will focus on what we can't seem to have, rather than work toward what we can get.

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