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Totally crushed...want to die...

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im having an AWFUL night/day/life.


my ex and i broke up about 4 months ago after an 8 year relationship. i miss him terribly.


my ex did a lot of stuff to hurt me and objectively we were not good for each other but i miss him every single day and still have feelings for him.


everyone has been telling me to get out there and talk/meet new people so i did thinking this would be a good thing - well it's not and now i feel worse than before


i met a guy a little while ago and we had some really great conversations, mostly online conversations. he wanted me to call him and insisted that i call to talk more, so he gave me his # and told me when to call. i called him a few times that day and nothing - no answer - he wasn't online either even though he always used to be online so im thinking he has blocked me or something.


i sent him an email saying "hey what's up, i called but you weren't there..."


he emailed me back the LAMEST EXCUSE EVER: "hi sorry my cell phone was not working"


that was it - nothing else - no "oh give me a call today" or something like that


so he's disappeared from online - i think he's blocked me












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shygirl, i'm sorry you are having such a rough time of it at the moment.


Please don't take this latest incident to heart. Just keep getting yourself out there and don't depend so much on meeting people online.


Take time out and just give some time to yourself. Life is not a race to meet someone to fall in love with. There is so much you can do for yourself and falling in love and meeting another guy should not consume so much of your life. Develop some new interests and hobbies, hang out with girlfriends and expand your social network. You will find someone again, but don't live your whole life looking.


Don't be so hard on yourself. Life is to be enjoyed with or without a partner.

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The feelings you are feeling are probably more from your ex than this guy. It's the rejection feeling that's got you in a panic. It's okay. Just don't call back. Don't run after this guy. You are still in the healing mode after such a long time in a relationship. Don't assume that he has blocked you. If he said call him later, wait a week or so. Remember you are vulnerable right now. It's okay. Recognize these feelings as vulnerable and take a deep breath. There is nothing wrong with you and as you know we're here if you need an emotional connection so hang in there.

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I'm feeling your pain, but to be brutally honest, this new guy isn't worth it. He sounds like he's a shallow emotional individual and he's moved to the next person. It isn't you, so please don't take this personally, but rather try and shrug it off your shoulders and keep doing this dating scene to meet new people, that's how you ought to take it.


I know you feel that there's something wrong with you which led him to behave in ways which he did, people like him who are flimsy in that regard are not worth it in the long run. See it this way, isn't it good that you didn't get too emotionally involved with him? You didn't loose anything except for a knob.

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Please don't hate yourself. I also posted tonight (Truly devastating experience) and believe me I feel your pain. The other replies are correct. It's the feeling of rejection that really has you upset. I ended a 9 year relationship two years ago with my fiance. Truth be told, he gave me no other choice. It's too early for you to be over this. Eight years is a long time. Take your time. It does get better. I'm not saying you won't have setbacks. I still have them after two years but over time it does get MUCH BETTER. Please hang in there and don't be so hard on yourself. After all, you are only human. Take care.

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thank you to all of you for your support


im so emotionally distraught right now and i know it may seem stupidly ridiculous


i hate myself and dont even want to look into the mirror


shygirl, he was a guy online that probably talks to dozens of girls online.......that's the nature of chat sites. people jump from person to person as soon as someone new comes along on those sites. don't take something like this to heart.


don't rush yourself. take time to grieve and heal and get your confidence back. we all go through the same thing, don't think that how you feel and the emotions you have are not normal, because they are. we all have our confidence smashed when we go though a painful break-up and it takes time to recover, but you will recover

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Awww shy I am so sorry you feel this way.


I do agree with the other posters though, I think it is the feeling of rejection also that is making you feel this way.


You are a wonderful person and there is absoluelynothing wrong with you. Stuff him if he can't see your worth. I am always here for you xxx

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