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How do you take "initiative" if your boss is a "micro-manager"?


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Quick answer: find a better job or just accept the facts.


Long answer: I've dealt with a micromanaging boss about eight years ago. He taught me just about all I know about real estate investing and had to suck up my frustration with his control issues for a couple of years. These types of people can't trust anyone to do anything. This is why they tend to have narcissistic traits which means they will manipulate the situation to always benefit them. Just learn from him/her and move on to a better job; personally, this experience pushed me to become self employed and now I'm much happier.

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With a micro-manager, the problem is him, not you, and no matter what you do, he'll still engage in controlling behavior because he feels anxious and insecure if he isn't hanging over you and watching everything you do. It isn't about HOW you do things (regardless of what he says), it is about his need to be involved in every little detail in order to feel secure.


So the way to deal with a micro-manager is to find another job!


You can also just surrender and accept he will always be hanging over your shoulder and correcting and directing you, and not take it personally. He doesn't want you to take initiative and leave you alone, because that makes him feel out of control.


Some micro-managers do better if you focus on mothering them back... they hang over you because they are anxious, and if you constantly take the approach of 'don't worry, you can relax, i'll handle it and you can check me later if you want' it may make them secure. So you are then treating the source of the micro-managing, which is to reduce their anxiety. When they're less anxious, they hover less.


Or you could try slipping some Xanax in their coffee... LoL!!

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My present boss is a micro-managing type, and it's frustrating.


I see it as my opportunity to practice some tolerance and diplomacy! lol. But I do find it extremely draining, and a waste of so much energy and my talents always having the boss more as an obstacle than an actual help/motivator/teacher/etc. other good things that a boss can provide.


I don't see this sort wanting initiative so much as wanting yes-men and people who do not threaten them (as BeStrongBeHappy mentioned).


My approach has been to attempt to work with the person, but in the end, it has me now looking for another job.


I have picked up some extra skills though in handling criticism better - so that's always a good thing! And working under more stress and observation than I am used to.


But it's just so much work trying to work with someone who has so little trust. I think trust in a workplace is really important, can make all difference in the world.


These folks don't get that. Not my thing.

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