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I messed up on my birth control pills...Advice?


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I was on the Depo shot for 10 months, then I switched to the pill. (Ortho-tricyclen lo)


I didn't skip any, I took it at EXACT The same time every day. No more then a 5 min difference at most.


I started out with the white pills like they said. Its supposed to go, white pills, light blue, dark blue, then green.


Except I did it backwards. I went white, green, dark blue, and I'm ending on light blue.


My friend told me I'm still protected against pregnancy because I didnt skip any, its just a different level of estrogen. Thats why I got my period early and my emotions have been so high strung. I just have 3 more days left of this, then I can start over normal.


Even though I went in the wrong order, should I be worried about getting pregnant since I took it every single day at the exact same time?

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I would defenitely look into this.

I think they are set up that way for a certain reason.

Your horomones naturally fluctuate during your cycle, so these pills are designed to match those hormones to protect against pregnancy. The three different levels are designed in a way to match your body's natural hormone levels.


Taking the middle dose of hormones when you should have the highest, I would think would certainly put you at a higher risk for pregnancy.

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Oh okay.


Because I'm not having any sex now.


I start my new pack in 2 days, and this time I'm going to do it RIGHT.


I go down to see my boyfriend the 26th of this month. So by that time, I should be totaly protected and not have to worry myself about pregnancy?


Because condoms kill sex for me.

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The green pills are placebos...those are inactive and do not contain any hormone. If you took that for a week continuous, especially it being just your 2nd week on the pills, there is a high chance you weren't protected. The pill ring comes with little numbers on them to go in order. I can see how you went backwards.


You got your period early because you threw off the levels of norgestimate (the hormone) in your body, nothing harmful, but you aren't protected against pregnancy, but that can also depend on where you were in your cycle. If you got your period, you dont have to obviously worry about being pregnant. What you should have done is stopped the pill and started a new pack in the middle of the cycle. When did you get your period, and when are you starting your new pack? If you got your period this week, you should start on sunday, even if you are still bleeding. In that case, you will need a secondary method of contraception for 7 days. If you start on day one, within the first 24 hours of your period beginning, you will not need that 7 days of secondary protection and are protected right away. This next pack you start will be like starting the medication for the first time.


People need to be careful giving advice on this forum saying she'll be fine, unless they actually know what they are talking about, hence if they are a healthcare professional or not. Do not give you advice on health related topics without certainty.


Source - Im a Pharmacist

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Okay yeah. I always am REALLY good at taking it on time. I have 2 alarms on my phone that go off every night at 10:00 pm. And I take it everytime. The only difference is like 9:58, or 10:05 a few times, which is no difference at all. They say if you take it within the hr your fine, but I dont like to risk that. Which is why I'm so admant about taking it on time!


And this time I know which colors to take. I read that I needed to start on the white pills, but after that I didnt know. But now I do.

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I'm talking to the doctor tomorrow.


Actually though your FULLY protected during your sugar pills, my doctor told me so herself. I just took them in the wrong order, so I may not off been then.


I got my period after 14 days of being on the pill.


But I have no idea when my next period would be. Like I said, I JUST got off of Depo and the doctor said it would be in my system for a couple more months, so even if I didnt get my period for a month or 2, or irregular not to worry, because I was TOTALY irregular during depo. Even before b-control it was normal for me not to get a period for 5 months. I very seldom had a period once a month, and when I did it was AWFUL.


I start my new pill pack in 2 days.


So if I take it at the same time, like I have been, AND take the RIGHT colors, I should be fine and fully protected against pregnancy before I see my boyfriend on the 26th right? Thats certaintly enough time.

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Yeah but that doesnt matter, because I havent had any sex after I got my period.



I'm not going to be having sex until the 26th until I see my boyfriend.


So my main question is here, I start my NEW pack in 2 DAYS. So after 7 days after that I should be fully protected right?

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Yes you're protected while on sugar pills only when taken correctly. Taking those three weeks in the proper order, at the right time, yes you are protected during those 7 days of sugar pills.


Going from the white to the green, you went from a light dose of hormones to none, then to the highest.

You are not protected at all from the pill at this point.


Starting your new pack in two days, and being consistent on the right ones for 7 days will make you protected after those 7 days.

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Well then its a good thing I didnt have sex.


I only had sex with my boyfriend before he left. I was just starting the pill and at THAT point, I was doing it right, because I was doing the white pills, and the doctor told me I didnt have to do the waiting/transition period and use condoms for a week because I was just getting off depo and it would still be in my system.


And then I got my period after 14 days, and havent had any sexual contact since.

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if you just came off the depo provera recently, you wont be pregnant. Depo stays in your body for a long time, sometimes up to six months, so you should be fine.


Yes, while you are on the sugar pills, you are FULLY protected, but thats after you complete the rest of the pack, but in your case, you didnt. The sugar pills are intended to be there when you're supposed to have your period. Birth control pills have a relatively long "half life", meaning the time it takes for them to leave the body, usually over 25-30 hours, and taking them daily over a period of time, this half life builds up, thats why you are protected for those 7 days while you can be "pill free." The placebos at the end are just there to keep you maintained in the habit of taking a pill everyday.


The green pills in MOST packs are either placebo's or iron pills, not active birth control. There are numbers on the ring of the ortho pack, follow those numbers to go in the correct order. Its always clockwise too. By the time you see your boyfriend, if you are taking it correctly, there shouldnt be a thing to worry about. And in addition, some of the Depo provera is still in your system, but that wont affect you in any negative way. Your cycle might take some time to re-adjust and you might have some spotting, light bleeding here and there, period coming at different times, some breast tenderness possibly, but usually by the end of the second cycle (2nd month) of the pill, this should be normalize.


If you ever have any questions, about this, or ANY health related issue, feel free to PM me.

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Yeah this is what my doctor told me.


She said the only time I would be at a SLIGHTER risk for pregnancy would be if I had sex during the week when I took my sugar pills and I wasnt supposed to. But even if I had, I wouldnt of because I still have depo in my system and he always pulls out.


I start my new pills tomorrow, and she said I have nothing to worry about. I dont even need to wait 7 days for them to be affective. They will be from the start.

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if you just came off the depo provera recently, you wont be pregnant. Depo stays in your body for a long time, sometimes up to six months, so you should be fine.

I've seen it in myself and friends, some people are fertile right after getting off of depo, mine was after abotu 3 months, and another friend is 2 years off and still no periods. It really varies from person to person. I wouldn't count on being protected as soon as I missed the next window for injection.

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Your missing my point entirely.


I missed the injection yea sure, because I got off it. BUT I'm on the pill!


Didnt you understand that? I got on the pill before I got off depo. I've been on the pill slightly longer then I've been off depo.


So not only am I on the pill, but I still have depo in my body so I'm double protected.

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