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Have you had anal sex?


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the other day my bf was whining about wanting to put it in my as.s. i said no. lol. im afraid it will hurt! for those who have tried it, how do u do it? stupid question...does poop get on the guys penis? ewww...does feel good for the female?

Personally im not keen, it did hurt, alot ,but probably because he just forced it in there, awwwwww!


I dont mind a finger in there but thats it, may be okay if you use plenty lube though, i was kinda put off for life after my experience.

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^It can happen. Think about it, that's where it comes from. Usually the girl will make the attempt to make sure she's "free" and as clean as possible and the guy usually knows that it's always a possiblity to withdrawl with some "extras". If he doesn't like it, he shouldn't be there!


I've heard of idiots who smell their fingers, or inspect their penis' but in all reality it's a poo cannel, you're bound to smell like it or even get some on you/ him- if either one of you can't handle it- don't go there!


And whatever you do, don't go anal then back to vaginal.

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I've tried anal 2 times. I didn't enjoy it at all but my EX did. He came after only a few thrusts. It hurt me a great deal and I won't do it again.


I would NEVER let a guy stick his finger or his tongue in there not to mention another penis, lol. Ever.


Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater!!

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