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She is Breaking Up with her BF finally

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Hey everyone 8) . Ok here goes nothing. I have liked my friend Anne for over a year now, and i told her my feelings about her. That i really really like her and she has also told me her feelings as well, she said she likes me alot as well. I am 18 and she is almost 16 years old. I used to be best friends with her brother so i know this girl very well and we talk everyday. Alot of things have gotten in the way of us ever dating and seeing what culd happen. Basically the timing has been bad, she has either had a boyfriend and im single, or vis versa. But, now im single and i realize i still have very strong feelings for her. I told her this and she said that she has never stopped having the same feelings for me. But, at the same time she told me she liked her BF alot too. That was about a month, maybe a month and a half ago. OK, during this last week she has been fighting more and more with her BF. I have heard from both sides of the relationship that they dont see them working their problems out and staying together. She tells me all these things and what her bf does to make her upset and like i said she knows my feelings for her. Ok now what should i do, should i make a move while they are rough, shoulkd i wait until its completely over,....ne ideas on anything and any input would be most helpful


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well, I would say just be there for her, listen to her and be a shoulder for her to cry on. Don't try to move in while shes having trouble. It'll mean more if you respect her and take it slow than trying to force her into something now.


Wait until things are totally over. She'll most likely let you know when shes ready to move on.




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Hey Supaxero, great to hear that you might get an opportunity coming up soon after periods of bad timing.


First thing supaxero is that I'd recommend you lay off telling her your feelings now that she already knows and you probably remind her everynow and then too. The reason is that she might feel pressured into another relationship, which really isn't necessary so soon after breakup because sometimes they become "rebound" or "lets make my ex jealous" relationships.


Secondly, as justagirl has mentioned, offer her support and from before, don't tell her too much about your feelings at this stage as you're most likely not the thing on the top of her "to do list". In addition, it might make her doubt wether you're really there for her, or just trying to get her. If she believes you're helping her for real, who knows, she might fall for you later on once all this is over.


Hang in there

Happy Heb

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ok she broke up with her bf and she told me everything, i was there for her and did everything right i hope. she knows how i feel and i dont want to lose the chance to be with her again. im afraid im gunna give her too much time and lose her. how soon is ok on average to try to pursue sumthing, she was only with him for 2 months now,... it wasnt that serious but i know i shuld give her time,... i just need to know how much, its kinda crucial...

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Hey supaxero.


I see what you're getting at but you really think by pressuring her into something ur not going to loose your chance? We must think different coz when I breakup with someone, the first thing on my mind ain't trying 2 be with someone else because it looks bad and its like a slap in the face for the person I just broke up with.


The trick here is just spending as much time as you used to spend with her b4 she started going out with this guy unless she requests you to spend more time by asking you to do something with her for a change. Make her feel that you're her friend and I don't think you need to remind your feelings again for another month or two.


Just remember, even if she broke up with her bf and told you everything, that won't necessarily mean that she's trying to say she broke up with her bf for you (that usually doesn't happen for real, i always thought of it as a fake excuse). So it just sounds like she needs a shoulder and if you can be that shoulder, you'll make a real good impression and if you have a chance, that chance will come soon one day. THat's the way I'd go with it and I think the chances for that are usually higher than pressuring someone into a relationship.


Happy Heb

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