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What makes you dislike your other half??


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At the moment i hate my boyfriend, he's a selfish {Mod Edit}.

Would rather play on an xbox than see me


What makes everyone else dislike their other half???


I think everyone dislikes there SO for one reason or another occasionally. I hate when I go to work for 8 hours, then go to school for 4 hours, then, with what little time I have left, I spend with him, only for him to spend most of that time on his computer, enthralled in Ebay or Craigslist or other pointless sites. I don't know why men do that, but they do. I've learned to just entertain myself in other ways. Yes, I'd prefer to spend time with him but I've realized that getting angry at him does absolutely nothing. It's like he's predisposed to waste a certain amount of time on the computer every day. I just accept it and hope that one day he'll realize it. I try to devise methods of getting him off the computer, like taking over his TV. Then I watch shows that I know he hates, like Ace of Cakes or Scrubs (shows I LOVE). When it gets to be too much (usually only a half hour will do it), he'll close his laptop and grab the remote. If he complains ("Why are we watching this?"), I say, "It's my only means of entertainment. You have your computer, so I get the TV."


But what really drives me crazy is when he claims that we don't spend much time together =\ I just want to say, "Well, if you were to look away from your laptop every once in a while, we might actually have time to do something one of these days."


So I feel ya. Men are horrible when it comes to prioritizing people they claim to care about over their electronics. If he does it again, just find something better to do. Make a point of it. Say, "Well, if you're going to play Xbox, I'll just go get coffee with Suzie." Of course, then you risk accusations of, "You never want to spend time with me!" But hey, if he does what he wants without taking you into account, you do what you want. Maybe something will click in his head. And even if it doesn't, at least you won't be wasting time sitting around. You might even be able to spend some quality time with people who want to hang out with you.

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I wouldn't say I "dislike" my other half. If you dislike them, then whats the point of being with him? There are THINGS he does that I dislike sometimes, but he doesnt do them often. I'm so emotional, that I get frustrated easily. It doesnt even have to be anything thats a big deal at all. I can just "imagine" the tone in his voice, that I dont like.

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video games was a huge annoyance.


put it in perspective...if this guy is not mature enough to put down the controller for someone that could be his wife one day...then he is no way ready for a relationship. Take it as a sign...! I realize how stupid I was to let my ex choose VIDEO GAMES over me.


dont like it when guys dont comfort you when you need it because it makes them 'uncomfortable'.

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My SO is pretty self-obsessed, likes talking about himself, very into money and ways to save it, not a good listener. Very last minute about everything and not particularly empathatic when I am ill.


I wouldn't say I dislike this, but I have never dated anyone so emotional, he cries a lot.


Apart from that ......

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