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Hello all. my girlfriend of 6 months went away to her home land of Thailand 3 months ago to her parents house to stay the summer and do an internship. she is 30 and goes to an ivy league graduate school and im 25 and work full time. While she was away I took care of her apartment and Tried to collect rent from her roomates who are a couple, one a klepto/drug addict and her husband a pathological liar (seems that way). She also sub-let her room to another couple for the summer who are nice and paid rent. It seems just as she left her roomates who have been there (the klepto and liar) started all kinds of trouble beginning with not paying rent. Then they stole from the couple that was living there. I confronted them and things only got worse. Anyways I got pissed and there was all kinds of drama between me and them and he ended up calling the cops on me threatening harassment charges. since things escalated about a month ago my girlfriend has been pretty distant to me, not saying she misses me and just being irregular in her emails. She also didnt email me for a week. Anyways I have all her stuff, including a check for $10,000. of hers and her stimulus check (she didnt put it in the bank for some reason) and things like her labtop and even her bed. I'm afraid she doesn't want to break up with me because she's afraid im going to do something with her stuff. I can tell she doesnt feel the same way about me in her emails because she is very vague, just emailing me as I were a friend not boyfriend. Should I break off contact and expect her to break up with me? The anxiety of not knowing is really affecting me to the point of getting professional help. Personally, I dont think its fair and her not telling me the whole story is interfering with my 'letting go' process. She avoids the question when I ask her if she needs a ride home from the airport. Shes coming home in 9 days, i still care about her, but i dont know now if i want to be with her but not if she still likes me and is just stressed out..


sorry if this seems vague, I have never been able to portray a situation 100% accurately so please ask questions about specific details. You would be doing me a huge service for your advice and helping to lighten a huge burden. The anxiety and worry is consuming me.. What should I do? break off contact and have my friend return her stuff? i'm worried if I do that I will never know if I screwed up something that has potential I really loved the things we shared while she was here. Please help me. Thank you.

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