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To look after strangers dog or not?????


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Hi there. I came accross an ad on the net from a disabled lady looking for someone to look after her seven month old puppy for her for a wk while she goes on holiday - the puppy is gorgeous!! She is looking for someone who is home most of the time as she doesnt want her puppy left alone for long periods or in a kennel. I emailed her my details, she emailed me bk saying i was perfect and gave me her no. to cal her when I can to arrange a meeting.


Now Y'day when I emailed her I was 100% certain that this was a fantastic idea - I was helping a disabled lady out and my one year old Yorkie would get some company for a wk, but now I am wondering is it actually a good idea?!? Number one - what if something happened to her puppy whilst with me, like he fell and hurt himself or even worse escaped - I am almost certain he wont escape but I am just putting the worst case scenario out there!! No.2 - What if she cant cope with him and this is her way of getting rid of him so when it comes to collect him she wont show!!!? God , I am driving myself crazy now!! What should I do??


I want to look after him but Im worried

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well, if you agreed to do it and she doesn't have enough time to find someone else i would feel bad about cancelling.


but it is always possible since she's a stranger that you don't know what her motives are.


if something happened to the dog, the most you are responsible financially is the cost of the dog (most likely, depending on where you live). If it is a mixed breed it wouldn't be much, but an expensive purebred dog can cost a lot.


and if she's not going to come back, you can give the dog to a rescue shelter.


personally, i would never leave my own dog with a stranger, so her request is a bit odd.


so if you're at all uncomfortable with it, tell her you're sorry but your plans changed and you can't do it.

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Her dog is a tea-cup Chihuahua, so very expensive!!


I havent agreed as yet, I just replied to her ad telling her my details and if she thought I was suitable to let me know. She emailed me with her number saying I was perfect and she hoped to hear from me. But even though nothings been set in stone I dont think I could walk away from this now, I would feel awful!! BUT at the same time I am worried about ulterior motives!! If she didnt come bk for him etc!! I agree it is a little odd the way she is looking for strangers to look after him!! She must have family/friends, dogsitters!!?!

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She may just be trying to find a cheap way to get her dog taken care of... a week in a kennel can be expensive, BUT she can also pay to have a dog sitter come into her home during that week and the dog won't be disrupted, so she could find a solution on her own without asking a stranger.


Personally, i wouldn't do it. You might just email her and cancel for your own sake.

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Be very careful is all I can say.


My g/f pets sits on the side and we had a bad experience. Long story short, we were sitting a dog for this lady who was paying until her husband got into an accident at work. It almost sounds like he's working already and they are probably making enough money but for whatever personal reason (her excuse is they are living at her parents and her mom doesn't want the dog) she wouldn't contact us for weeks sometimes over a month unless we leave her several voicemail.


She now owes us $300 and aside from that she has not contact us back and we are looking for a new owner as we cannot keep this dog (it's been five months).


So unless you're ready to adopt a new puppy in the worst case scenario I'd personally think it over

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