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Girls, do you have a hard time saying NO?

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This is a questions for the gals in regards in saying "NO" to guys who invites you out.


Lets say you are a friend with a another guy you met in school. Eventually, he sugguests he want to take you out sometimes (movies, lunch, whatever). I know some girls don't want to hurt the other party's feelings by simply NO. I know there are tricks around this by saying you're busy or you already had plans. Discuss this topic in a open-ended question/answer manner. I know, have you ever accepted a date because you couldn't say NO to the guy? Despite you have/don't have interest beyond platonic friendship with this person?

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Ah the pity date, I have been forced into this corner a time or two. It is really easy to say no isn't it? True, I don't wish to hurt the other party's feelings. However I suggest another reason. I like the idea of knowing somebody wants to take me out, even though I don't have any desire. I keep putting the date off or whatnot, while still stringing the person on for a while.


I know this practice is bad, I generally try to avoid doing it… But sometimes I can't help myself, any others suffer from this?


Honestly, if I'm indifferent to the person and they ask me out I will usually give them a chance. One of my best relationships was with a friend who I originally had no interest in whatsoever. On the other hand, if it doesn't work out then I generally blow them off until the get the picture. Not the nicest way, but effective.

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I have gone on 2 dates with people that I had no attraction to. My thoughts on the matter were that I did not know them well enough to say no, so I did go out with them, unfortunately my assumptions regarding both people were found true, and I wished I hadn't gone on a date with them.


Good Luck!

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