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how would a guy be sexually aggresseive any examples of what to do


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The last post on nerds getting no action. i wondered . what do you mean by being sexually aggressive. how would you do this through body language and kino. what are some examples a guy would do on a date to a girl to show he was sexually aggressive with her.

what are some examples you would say to a girl or do to a girl on a date or a girl you liked.

is it like "umm you look good it that skirt -i would love to just rip it off and slap your butt and bang you hard till you ***- ilike that lol ":

what would you say or how do you be sexually aggressive with the girls you are with. -


some one wrote this


"""Ingenuinity. Ingenuinity is a big reason why a lot of guys don't get laid. Even guys who DO get laid using methods and stuff, have this problem. To put it simply, they go up to a women and they're not being totally honest with her. This is a big problem with using lines and stuff. However, if the lines and stuff have been embedded into your REAL personality, the real you, then it's not a problem. You want to get in a girls pants? Be sexually aggressive, let her know through body language and kino that you want to be sexual with her. If she blows you out, oh well, there are plenty of other chicks out there.""""

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