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My boyfriend brought up something he wants to try, and I made fun =/


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My boyfriend & I joke around and tease one another a lot, so sometimes it's hard to tell when he's being serious. The other day he suggested something new - not really sexual, just something he thought would be "fun" and a bit kinky.


But, I thought he was completely kidding, so I just laughed and teased him for it and made a big show of saying no way.


Now I find out he was actually serious. I feel so bad. I'm not particularly into the thing he was suggesting, but I've also got no serious problems with it. If I knew he wasn't kidding, I would have been completely receptive and reacted differently.


I feel like I kinda blew it. He kept assuring me that it's good he knows how I really feel, it's not something he has his heart set on, just thought it would be fun, etc. But I feel bad for just making fun of him and dismissing it.


Anyway it's been like 3 days and he's not brought it up since then (maybe because he's afraid of me laughing at him?) and if it makes him happy, I really want to do it, I just don't know how to bring it up. Every time I try, he just laughs and says "No, you were very clear how you felt, we're not doing that just for me."


Eh. Help?

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I was feeling really down one night and my bf asked what he could do to cheer me up. I jokingly said here, put on this crotchless red thong, my 4 inch stiletto heels and dance around like a stripper. Sure enough....he did. It was hilarious. I think the biggest turn on was that he did it to make me smile.

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