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Attracted to Ex's friend/aquaintance. Not sure what to do about it

Sam _

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My GF and I broke up not long ago. It was mutual as we both feel that we're better off as friends, but she has a bit of a problem with me going out with other girls. She doesn't get involved, but she gets really jealous and acts like I'm cheating on her or something.

Well, over the past few days I've been slowly becoming more and more attracted to this other girl. I'm not sure if they're friends more than they are aquaintances. They hug each other hi, maybe talk a little bit, but thats it. They don't hang out or talk outside of school.

Since we broke up, the girl has started talking to me a little more. Before it was no acknowledgement, not even a glance my way. It has been a year of knowing her and she is just now starting to talk to me. I know very little of her (just a few of her favorite bands and that she is a vegiterian).


In my statistics class, we are supposed to do an "Ideal Mate" survey. I'm thinking maybe giving the girl a copy and ask her to do it and use the thing as a conversation piece. Then, later on, ask her if she wanted to hang out at the mall to get to know each other better (don't know how to make it sound casual).


Not sure what to do here because I don't want to cause any problems. I would like to be friends, but I want to maybe go on a few dates with her.

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ok. so it's perfectly natural that you're already moving on...especially since you both concluded that you're better off friends..but it's bs that your ex thinks it's ok to be jealous...


as for talking to the girl...if i were you i wouldn't necessarily give her your paper and ask her to read it...but rather just bring it up...like, "so what are you writing for that paper?" or..."what kind of characteristics and stuff are you including in your paper?"...it might seem a little too straight forward if you give her an "ideal mate" paper if ya know what i mean...


as for dating an ex's friend/acqaintance...i've done it twice...the first time i did it was the worst idea in the world...the second time, it seemed to work out pretty well (but we decided we were better as friends)


good luck!

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She is a Junior, I'm a Senior. She doesn't have the same class I do so she isn't making a survey, the most she would be doing is taking one. She and I hang out in the same spot and we have a lot of mutual friends who hang out in the same spot. I'll be giving them the survey for laughs and to just get the project done. I want her to take it too though. Would the fact that she won't be the only one doing it kill the awkwardness?


Any advice on anything else I could do? Because we really don't know each other, just know of each other. So how do I get her to go on a casual outing with me? Or have I already answer my question a bit up in the thread?


I do get a little irritated at her jealousy. But I'm kinda protective of her so I guess we're even. I've always stayed friends with my exes and I've always become a little protective of them. Not sure why.

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