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Should a shy guy like me go to New York alone?


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It's for a web design conference even though I'm not as good as I should be. And I have a feeling most of the people I could meet during the after parties will be way more advance than I am. What are some things I can do before and after the conference alone? I don't want to go there and be ant-social like I'm normally am here.


I don't know what to do. I'm always stuck in a situation where I'm alone and I should mingle. It feels awkward as hell most of the time.

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I agree. This is a good opportunity for you to step out of your comfort zone! No one knows you, so if you're normally shy...try a different approach. Chat people up a bit, if it doesn't work, so what? You'll probably never see these people again anyway. Reinvent yourself for the day or weekend.


The good thing about a conference like this is that there will probably be alot of other people there who are also travelling alone. Just look for people in the room who look like they're also alone, go up and introduce yourself and ask them what brought them to the conference. The conversation will start to flow from there.

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I would take a friend or lover if possible. Otherwise I would get it done if it's something you need to do to improve your life.


If your like some of the shy guys here, you just won't turn into a social butterfly at the flick of a switch. Some people can do it if they really try, others just can't do it. Look at the guys that haven't had their first kiss and they're in their thirties. If you have the guts to change your self without the feeling of utter embarrassment then go for it.


Otherwise... baby steps you have to start off somewhere, why not with HI!

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I don't have single friend to talk to (just family) and the last girl i was with just wanted fling and now only wants to be friends. then again she seems distant these days so my chances it her at anything is non existent also.


i think you're on to something though. It's one of those things that are easier said then done, that's why I'm seriously considering not going.


What are some things i can do while up there....where I won't feel awkward being alone? i can't even go to to mall because I feel this way. Everybody there seems to be with somebody and I feel like i'm the only person walking alone.

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Go, go, go! You will certainly not be the only person in NYC that is walking alone!


I'd go in a heartbeat.... Nobody even notices people downtown, do they? Everybody rushing from one place to the next. So many landmarks and whatnot to see! Goodness just go!


Yup A lot of single girls there. More than men I hear. Can't go wrong with that bro

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