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Me and my gf of a year and 2 months broke up mid August. And a week later we tried to be friends like wed still do the same things with each other we would just not be in a relationship. So we had sex one night and then a few days later we went to the mall together. I dont know, it just felt a little akward because she was feeling akward but I wanted to make the best of it. Eventually I got mad because she wouldnt answer my calls to hang out or not text me back. She seemed like she didnt care at all. Eventually she was like maybe we should not talk for a little while and I said ok fine. That was about a week ago.


Now today and yesterday I have been thinking about her. She still lingers in my head. Ive heard a saying that if you cant get someone out of your head maybe they were supposed to be there. It feels like shes supposed to be there. We were right together. And now after some time away from each other I think we have a chance to change. I dont know what to do. I dont know if I should mention my feelings to her or not. The feeling is like burning inside me wanting to get out and tell her. But Im also scared because chances are she will reject me.


And I want to go out and meet new girls but I havent had the opportunity. Most of the girls I know are still in high school or away at college. I feel cut off from everybody now that im single.

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Hi, I am going through exactly what you are going through. It's been a month and a half since me and my gf of six months ended things because shes goin away to uni an hour by train away from our hometown of Falkirk in Scotland. While I stay in our hometown for college. We still have feelings for each other, albeit not as strong as at the start of the break-up, although we still care for each other alot, enough that the thought of being alone and knowing that all I have of her as a gf is memories makes me sad.

However, frighteningly enough our break up is very much like yours. We said we could still do most of the things we used to do, because it was gd. I slept in her bed twice, we never had sex or done anything, just talked, like we done the first week we went out, cause I was shy.


We still hugged and sat cosy with each other on the couch until a fortnight ago, when we both realised, it's like we're trying to keep us goin. Even though we missed goin out, it couldnt happen with her goin to uni so far away. So we decided a period of no-contact was best, so that we wouldn't feel the need to do those things.


It's been two weeks since and it's * * * * like you say. I'm fresh out of high school so alot of my friends have moved to college or uni in other places, even girls i could have gotten to know well enough to try somethin with them have gone too I feel alone, I still have four or five close friends but with all this change happening I could do with a gf, however like i said shes one of the ones goin. I texted her today and got no reply, my phone is crap but it hasnt acted up in quite a while, makes me think she doesn't care you know, but it's all in the mind, she will care.


About her being in ure mind, I'm the same, there isnt a day goes by without me thinkin of her and some of them are selfish thoughts, that shes out shagging some guy or a guy-friend, when I kno she can, cos shes single but it gets me jealous, I miss her soooo much and I get the feeling.....

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you miss her alot, I know exactly what you're feeling like, it's a horrible feeling.


About the telling her you're feelings part. Me and her have both done this 2 or 3 times to each other. Having a civilised convo with her and letting her know how you feel, let her know she meant the world to you, that you thanked you're lucky stars every day you had a girl like her. Take it easy though, don't come accross as clingy or needy, thts a big turn-off.


Also, maybe telling a close friend or family member about these feelings could help, tell them how much she meant to you, let them know what you feel for her. Watch out though, if some of these friends go and tell her "He misses you" "He loved you" etc. etc., she'll begin to feel restricted and choked by you and she'll just get angry, swear these friends to secrecy.


If you want to try and get back together with her thats your decision mate.


I wish you all the luck in the world, I'm still not happy over my break up, it sucks that ive had such * * * * luck with girls then the actual perfect girl comes along, beautiful personality, gorgeous looks, funny, smart but a little ditzy at the same time and she has to leave for uni. I hate being alone and single, I wish she was here, so...


No more sex with the ex and...


Good Luck again

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