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2 weeks no contact..do I send a happy birthday text?

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He dumped me.


2 weeks after that, he was telling me my pictures looked pretty, and then he moved on to "seductive", we were talking on MSN. I told him to stop flirting as it's making me uncomfortable and he logged off.


Then, the last contact we had was 15 days ago, he sent me a message on facebook saying Happy birthday and he hoped I had the most amazing day, and that he was sending me hugs..blah blah blah.


I responded back "Thanks mate". That was it. Kinda harsh but whatever.


Then, a week ago I deleted him as a friend on Facebook. I kept looking at it every day and knew I had to do it in order to heal.


It's his birthday in 1 week and I kinda want to send him a casual "happy birthday" text. I don't know why. I probably will want a reply.


I still am madly in love with him.


I'm only just beginning to see my future without him.


I still want him back.


Should I send the text?


Or go out for the whole day and leave my phone at home?


Feeling a little bluuueeee today. 15 days is good, and the last two contacts we had I was very stand offish to a degree. But I still ache for him. I wanted to text him earlier but I went for a run instead. More beneficial


Thanks for listening guys

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If you deleted his Facebook just so you could get over him, sending a Happy Birthday text is not a good idea.


You want to, but asking yourself, what are you expecting from the text? Do you really just want to say "Happy Birthday" and leave it at that? You said yourself you want a reply. Where does your thought go from there? To; "Maybe he will realise he really wants me, and he'll see I still want him and things will be back to the way there were and everything will be grand."


Personally, I suggest not doing it. He seems to have hurt you, why do him a favor that will ultimately hurt you more?

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You're all totally right.


I am not sending it with no intentions.


Ughhh he is such a loser! I am the best damn woman he ever had and I can do better. Happy birthday text. No. I will not send it. It'll just show him I'm thkning about him.


We inevitably will come accross eachother again. He lives with my best friend. But when we see eachother again I want to be completely over him and to show him what a fool he is for losing me.


Thanks everybody..appreciate the replies

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Here's a good one, send it to him on the wrong day Nah just joking.


I wouldn't bother, seems like he has been trying to mess with your heard since the break by flirting with you and commenting on your pictures. Show him that if he wants you out of his life then that is what he's got. NC and stick to it

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Hiya Honesty


I am another to chime in with don't send anything. I think it is a fantastic idea to leave your phone at home that day or even better, give it to a friend for safe keeping till the next day.


You are right, he is a loser, Why would he deserve anything from such a great girl?


Keep your head up darling.



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I think that not sending the text will send a huge message to him that you are strong and are beginning to move on without him. It may even scare him a little.


Believe me, he will be looking for some kind of contact from you. If you give in, he will think that you still have feelings for him.


Make him understand that you are not going to take getting dumped lightly.


Show him your strength.....



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