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Drunk Inanity


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One of my gf's friends posted these pictures online from his cell phone of her with her shirt pinned up, exposing her stomach. This really annoys me. It's not the fact that her stomach is showing, per se. It's the fact that she only does things like that when she is drunk. I really hate witnessing the person I am dating getting drunk/high and showing lack of self control. About a year ago my girlfriend was really drunk and starting taking off her pants! The same guy who took these current pictures was standing there and saw her butt! I got really upset and went into another room. The other thing is we went on a long break this summer - about 2 months - and I didn't see her very often, especially around her friends. Seeing this makes me paranoid that there are other stupid things she did that I don't know about. I'm not about to come at her angrily or anything. I'm just annoyed. Is that irrational?

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Not yet. I plan on it though. She'll probably call me in 30 minutes or so when she gets home from school.


I don't know exactly what I should say though. I was thinking of just calmly telling her that I saw the pictures and asking her what the story is behind them. I don't want her to think I am accusing her of anything and then get defensive.

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Seriously - that was my first reaction. It's just plain retarded. (I assume you're speaking about her friend and not me)


he as in her friend yes. otherwise i would have said YOU.


she's an idiot for doing stuff like this around other guys and you not there. he's an idiot for encouraging it, taking pics, and internetting them.

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