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Everything is so uncertain


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I guess nothing is ever certain, but it would be nice if it could be sometimes. I'm a creative writing/journalism major and no one really knows where the newspaper business is going. It could die out before I even graduate, leaving me stranded and in debt. I quit my job so that I could focus on school, but I am so broke right now (waiting for student loan to come in)that it's stressing me out. I have $150 to my name right now, and am cutting corners everywhere I can. I know it will be okay until my loan comes in, but seeing that low balance is just nerve wracking. I know that I could work a few days a week after I rework my schedule, but I just can't seem to get up the guts to go in and talk to the manager about coming back. I've had a week to do it, and just haven't been able to march in there. On top of that, I just plain don't want to be at school. The only course that I'm enjoying is the Journalism course. The rest (electives) seem like such a waste of time and $$.

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I'm a strong believer in attitude effects the outcome. Depending on how you want to take that, please don't focus on the bad.


Even though you have what you would call a small ammount of money, do NOT think about how bad that may or may not be. You get a terrible feeling shot through your body right? It's stress your body doesn't need, and it's negative energy. Creativing negative energy only bring more to you. But at the same time, don't be in denile and go on a spending spree.


Live in a happy medium, feel wealthy, and save everything you come accross. Feel happy because you're saving. Notice the key word here.. Feel. I only preach this sort of stuff because I use it my life daily and it works for me.


Everything will be ok in the end, it's not ok then it's not the end.


Keep a smile and a positive attitude, just not a crazy one, and thing will work selfselves out. Hehe

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The reason you take all of those classes that aren't related to your major is that potential employers look at how you did in those classes. If you do well in something you don't particularly enjoy, employers know you will handle unpleasant duties at work, also. Pretty much everyone gets decent grades in classes that deal with their major, but it's how you do in other classes that can make the difference between getting hired and having your application and resume tossed in the circular file. I have worked in several business where I went through applications and more than once, my boss has asked me to only pick out the ones where the applicant excelled in many areas. Is this fair? I don't know, but it has gotten me a few jobs.

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Edak- Thank you. Your words stuck with me all day, and you make a lot of sense. I am so frugal right now. I managed to get a bunch of free groceries (buy one get one free) and saved $17! Small victories

Jig- I know that in the end electives are required, it just sucks sometimes that I have to take courses like poetry for a journalism discipline. Besides poetry, my other option was scriptwriting. I'm sure as I get further into the semester my outlook will improve.

Ryan- Yes there will be, but will it be in a field that I will enjoy? I see myself working at a newspaper. It's such a clear picture in my head that I can't picture anything else.


I just got back from speaking with my (old) manager. I left the job at the beginning of August, but was talking about coming back. We had talked about me doing part time work during school (I quit because I just plain needed a break, longer than a week). I went and gave him my schedule, and am now waiting to see what happens. Truth be told, if they don't re-hire me, I won't be devastated, but I will take a look at other jobs out there. Feeling much better this afternoon after taking charge

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Hey, I understand how you must feel. Its awful to have to do something that you really dont want to muscle with. My last semester was the same; I didnt go to one of my classes for 4 months skipped others at various times. I was having depression issues, and lacked motivation. Ended up getting all the way through my semester only to leave right at finals because I breaking down (Talk about a stupid decision =P) =/. But at any rate this isnt about me, just hoping this makes you feel less alone. Trust me, if your wanting any decent job nowadays going through college is almost a must so stick with journalism! I'm sorry your feeling so down, and I wish you all the best

please pm/IM if your feeling down =)

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