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My mind is not working anymore - please help!


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I'm 25, female and currently studying Medicine (I graduate in December). My problem is that a couple of years ago I started to feel more and more difficulty to read, memorize and, thereforeeeeeee, learn new issues. I noticed an important decrease in my capacity of concentrating (I find it really hard to learn a page from top to bottom), in spite of my efforts to focus my mind on the subject. I have to read the same thing 3 or 4 times in order to memorize it. I relate the beginning of all this with some bad events that happened 2 and a half years ago, when I got into a depressive state and had to take antidepressants. I consider myself cured by now, stopped medication some time ago, and I'm on psychoterapy since then, as a way of elaborating what I've been through.

My concern is that in December I will finish my course and will have to go through a very difficult and competitive selection process. In my country (I don't know exactly how it works in US) every Med student has to pass a test to be able to do a specialization - I plan to especialize in Otorinolaryngology, a very competitive carreer. I don't know what to do, because I have so many difficulties to learn and to pass a test like that you're expected to be almost perfect. Everyday I get the impression that there's no use in trying, that I should have chosen a less demanding profession, even though I cannot imagine myself doing anything else in life.

What is happening with me? Am I getting stupid, if there is anything to do with intelligence (or the lack of it)? What do you think I should do? Insist? Give up and accept my limitations? Admit I'm loosing control?

Has anyone tried fast-learning methods like "Power Memory"? Do they work?


PLEASE HELP me, I'm gettind desperate with all this!

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Water lily, I don't really have the answer for you but I'd like to say there is no progress without struggle and that's in anything. You can't give in now as you have come so far.


Struggle if you have to but don't give in.


PS. Don't substitue memorization for learning.

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Great answer, Rasby! You are right! Waterlily, we have to work hard for everything in life and find ways in which to accomplish our goals, even if they seem extremely hard. If it is your dream...go after it. I know that there are people out there that are extremely against psychological drugs, but I had a very positive experience. When I was diagnosed with ADHD, I was given a prescription called "ritalin",you may have heard of it...it is rather popular. I had the same sort of difficulties you speak of in regards to concentrating and ritalin helped me a great deal. I was able to focus. Another drug that is highly reccommended is called "well-butrin" It has been known to be used mainly by people who are depressed, and sometimes to help people quit smoking....but it is also very effective in increasing your concentration, as well. I know this first-hand also. The benefit about the well-butrin is that there are usually no side effects and it is not addicting like ritalin can be for some people. I hope this information can help you. Good luck on your journey through life!

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Hi Waterlily,


From what I have read from your post, your problems does not just stem from the stress of your studies. You mentioned that something bad happened years ago?


What you need to do is to face your demons head on. No two ways about it. Confront your fears, and see what is really bugging you. It is near impossible to study whilst something is weighing on your mind. It's just a no go.


Spend some quiet moments to yourself. No books, no notes. Just do some personal reflections. Going to a counsellor might help too.


Tk care yah?

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It is some form of depression about school ending and the next big thing will be gettin a job! Nobody really wants to make that switch...


In school you are protected, safe and successful...but the real working world is something else entirely!


I think you are unconsciously stopping your studying as you feel unsure of the next goal.

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