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Mum might have cancer....


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So, I'm pretty much scared as anything right now. My mum has been having a few problems lately with her kidney so she went in for some tests. Came back yesterday and the doctor said that there seems to be a growth of about 4cm and that it could be cancer.


I wasn't there when all this happened, my mum just came back back crying and seemed to be convinced that thats what it was because the doctor seemed to focus on that more then anything and apparently she asked him if it was a tuma and he said yes? We've all been trying to calm her down, telling her it might not actually be anything that serious.


But to be honest...we're all really feaking out and are as worried about it ourselves. I guess I just wanted to vent I havent told any of my friends about it...and ask advice on if theres anything I can do for her? Or what to expect if it actually is....cancer. We're all really worried about her...she was talking to us last night as though she isn't going to be here in a years time...I don't know what I can do for her to make her feel any better.


We get the test results back next Thursday....

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First, there are many common benign tumors of the kidney, so it is not necessarily cancer. Doctors won't know one way or another for sure until there's a biopsy, so they won't promise it isn't cancer (nor confirm that it is).


Second, if the cancer is well contained in the kidney, it can many times be completely and successfully removed. We have two kidneys and can easily live on one kidney, so she may well be fine once the kidney is removed.


There are many many good treatments for cancer these days and good survival rates. So try to stay calm and not panic since even if it is cancer, it is not an automatic death sentence at all these days.

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Cancer is not a death sentence anymore..there are lots of treatments and there is a whole support system of "living well with cancer". There are options...surgery, radiation, chemotherapy. While it is rough to go through the treatments, afterwards people do go on to lead happy, productive lives. My father is one of them...he had colon cancer two years ago, went through surgery and chemotherapy and is now doing great. I know the waiting is agony...it may not even be a malignant tumour....however, often they won't know for sure until they actually remove the growth and do the pathology test...or sometimes they will do a biopsy first and might be able to tell if it is malignant or benign.

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I know what you are going through right now -- my dad was diagnosed with a type of cancer about 3 years ago, but CAD is right, treatments have come such a long way.


While he's not cancer free (*fingers crossed* - yet) I believe in his doctors and in his treatments.


All you can do right now is be there for your mom. And as hard as it is, don't panic. Getting a diagnosis is the first step and you’ll cross that bridge next week.


My thoughts are with you and your mom.

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Well, my mum died of breast cancer, about 11 yrs ago so I know how scary this can be.


But I have an aunt for instance, who has gotten 2 tumors (one in her stomach and one in her nose) and both where not cancerous. She just had them removed and she is doing very well.

And like BSBH said, the kidney may be removed if it's only there.


I guess what you can do to help right now is try and just keep your mom happy and stress free as much as you can. Go out or go do stuff she likes doing with her or even go to the movies, etc.


When you do find out the test results maybe try doing research online for ways to help her, etc when it comes to kidney problems, foods she can eat, and other things which may help her condition.


Good luck and all the best.

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