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What kind of tattoo should I get to honor my dads memory?

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I wouldn't advise his face, IMHO that's a bit cheesey...

And as i said above (well not me, but "i win"), a picture of his face could easily be botched.


If I were you I would get something simple, but symbolic of either him, or your relationship with him, e.g. an anchor if you and he often went boating together or something like that. Or something humorous if he was a bit of a joker...

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Something like this is very intimate and it is hard to suggest something that would have meaning to you. Did your father have any nicknames, or were there any symbols themes throughout your father-child relationship? Your favourite trip together, a nickname he used to call you, a hobby he had and loved? For example, my dad is a pilot and the first airplane he ever flew was a piper cub. If he was to die I'd have a piper cub tattooed in his memory.


Edit: reread what you wrote. Are there any symbols on his uniform that reminded you of him? Any mdeals or memories of his army uniform? I think the best would be to get something that had meaning to both of you, that brought you two together.

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