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What kind of haircut should I get?


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This sounds mildly meterosexual, but dude, you have nice hair. If I had a head-shape like yours, and hair like yours, I'd grow it out...along with a small neat beard.


Instead, I have to contend with a head shaped like a muffin, and curly, thin, puffy hair that follows suit, and looks like * * * * unless I have it cut very short.

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Dude, get it cut shorter and make it a little bit messy. And by shorter I don't mean six inches in length, something more like 2-2.5 inches maybe. Mine is a little shorter than that but I think around 2 inches would be good for you. Use Crew forming cream to style it, that stuff is awesome. You really cannot go wrong these days with the shorter, swept forward, messy look. Bushy is just bad, stay away from that.


As far as facial hair, you can decide on that after you settle on the hair style. You won't know how it's going to look until you change your hairstyle anyways.

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