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Hi everybody,

so, I have a question for anyone that has an opinion on this. (I'll make it short, 'cause I know nobody likes longish posts)

I've known this guy for more than a year now, but never got into a "deep" conversation with him. The problem is he's about (I don't know for sure) 5 years older than me (me being 18 in 2 months), also, I don't know if he has a girlfriend or anything.

This is what I know for sure:

1) I really like him A LOT, but never got the courage to mention it to him

2) He usually shows to be happy whenever he sees me

3) I don't know what I should do, what to say, blahblahblah...


It's a pretty common situation

Anyone who has an idea, please tell me (just avoid saying just "go for it" or "tell him", my problem is "how?", "what should I say?", "does the age gap matter?")


Ok, this turned out longer than I expected... sorry


Thanks in advance for anyone's help

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Well, here it is in a nutshell. Just go up to him and say hi. Look for his eyes. If they look you in your eyes , he is interested. If they look down to the ground, then he is shy and you must lead the conversation. Anyother eye movement is a general sign of no interest.


If you do get eye contact or him looking at the floor, then ask him out for a coffee or soda. If you get other eye movement then Just tell him you just wanted to say hi and walk away. Read his body language. Does he stare at you excessively? Does he watch you walk away? Does he try to get closer to you?


Have you showed him signs of your interest? This is the 2000's and there is nothing wrong with a girl starting a conversation. Be bold and talk to him.


you asked

what should I say


Say " hi, how are you? My name is..... and you are? Weird weather we are having huh? "


Just going out of your way to say hi is enough to say that you are interested.


you said

"does the age gap matter?


The age gap thing is all out of proportion. Five years is not alot especially at your ages. So, don't worry about the age thing.


You said

Ok, this turned out longer than I expected... sorry


not near as long as most post in here so do not worry

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1) find out if he has a gf - if you don't want to seem horribly obvious, when you get a chance to talk to him, casually bring up "so you take your girl to see (insert name of current movie)? Think it was any good?" Any interested male is going to make a point of saying they don't have a gf if he's looking at you in an interested manner, and doesn't have one.


2) if he doesn't have a gf - see how he reacts if you flirt a little with him, or if you get to talking - suggest you go somewhere for coffee to continue the convo, ie "hey, instead of standing here talking, got time to grab a quick drink and we can sit down a bit?" Depending on the guy, if you wait til he comes up with it - you could have a LONG wait. And there's no harm in asking him for a casual drink, it's something he can take as friendly if he wishes.


3) the age gap really depends on how he sees you, and to an extent, the groups and "worlds" you're moving in. It seems to be a bigger issue when one is out in the working world in his or her own place, and another is still in school and living with parents, than after it's between two people with relatively adult responsibilities. If you're in university, for example, it's a smaller issue than if you're still in reg school mentally for most guys. For some age isn't an issue at all, for others, they may not be comfy. Find out if he has a gf first though, and take it from there, no sense worrying about your age if he's taken!

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