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Rowing to fitness?

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Simple question really, would anyone recomend rowing as a good way back to Cardio fitness?


Im a good 3 stone overweight (lazy and eating badly, I offer no excuses) and just recently have made changes to my eating habits as part of a new lifestyle. In conjuction with this I'm endevoribg to become more active, but running is out of the question as I broke my ankle last year and its still kind of week.


I know that anything Cardin related is good, and the truth is I'm not looking for muscle gain so much as simple weight loss. So has anyone ffoumd success with rowing machines or have any tips to offer?

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Rowing is awesome, along with what ghost has said it's great for the arms too. I was fit as a fiddle when I used to row, loved it. However, you may want to alternate with machines that concentrate on your legs, such as cycling or cross training. THe benefit of those two is that you can start at a reasonable pace, unlike running which most start by walking and get pretty bored/give up.

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Thanks for the tips guys, I think I will alternate between that and cyling. As I said before running is out of the question as my ankle isn't up to it.


Can you walk though? Sometimes a brisk walk can also do wonders, but if your ankle can't take it, better stick to something that doesn't have so much impact (cycling's still good).

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