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"Veils of Autumn"


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Nature removes its' tourniquet of life,




Ending existence without acquiescence,




Exposing worlds of analytical light,




With beauty reflected in all its' magnificence,




A universe colored in palettes of awe,




Bathing eyes in orange and gold,




Shades caress with nary a flaw,




Hearts yearning for autumn to hold,



Harvest moon is high in the sky,




Time has come to reap what was sown,




Treasures of wonder expressed with a sigh,




Essense of quality tossed and blown,




In veils of autumn a respite exists,




Energies dormant but only of view,




Caches nourished while living desist,




Slowly absorbing strengths to renew






"autumn is my favorite season of the year. Tell me what you think..."

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