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feeling really sad tonight

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it has been 6 months n/c now. except for one text she sent. i am not even sure if i would go back with her given the chance. in the 6 months she has found a new boyfriend. new job passed her driving test and is now moving house.


she live about 2 minute walk form me at the minute. she will be moving 20 miles away according to my mum today. i did no why but i wne past her house tonight and they were moving furniture from her house obviously to the new place. and when i got home it made me so sad i cried.


i have not moved on at all. same job, same house (home with parents) im 25. as i said i dont no even if given the chance would i go back with her. i do miss her or maybe having someone. i have been single for the 6 months. but feeling this sad feeling normal? without wanting them back.


i was to blame for us breaking up as i did not see us getting married in the future. i did love her but am not sure if i ever was in love with her. aaawwww i feel sad my we girl is leaving

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Any news about her moving on must hurt. You have obviously improved because now you are recognising that you don't want her back and thats a good thing. I think it's just a shock and in a few days/weeks when it has sunk in you will be fine again.


Certainly know the feeling of not wanting them but still feeling sad, I made a post about it earlier lol.


Keep your chin up xx

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yea she done nothing wrong she was a class girl. everything you could want in a girl yet i couldnt love her the way she loved me. thats also very annoying. if you found the perfect decent guy and loved him but were not in love with him do you think you would stay with him?

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Hmmmm good question. What makes you think you couldn't love her enough? Did it just feel like there was something miissing?


I loved my first ex to bits but I wasn't in love with him, at least towards the end anyway. We were more like best friends. I am not sure if I would ever be strong enough to leave someone. I wasn't truly happy with either of my 2 ex's and I never left.


Hopefully in my next relationship I will be able to walk away if I'm unhappy.

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yea i just was not looking forward to seeing her anymore i could not be bothered talking to her a lot of the time. and sometimes she just annoyed me. thats how i felt in the end anyway. she lost baby to me but while she was pregnant i did a lot of thinking about our future and i new it was wrong. that is suppose to be one of the happiest things in the world and while i was happy i could not see us moving in togehter it did not make me happy. but i am sad tonight. i no ho tong i have moved on a good bit somethings still get to me tho

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You feel sad because you think she is progressing in life, while you are standing still.


Say to yourself: It is ME who makes ME happy, and if I want to be happy I have to set a goal and then take the actions to meet my goals.


If you are in a rut and stuck with your life, you need to give it a swing in a new and positive direction by carving a new path with your own power.


Do not expect leperchauns to appear and solve your issues, do not wait, be the dictator of your own life and take the situation in your own hands.


There are only three directions in life, down where death lies, stay where you are and go in circles, or up where an improved life lies ahead, the first 2 are worthless and lead to nowhere, this is important because it means you can set the course of your life, to the only direction that is valuable ,namely upwards towards into progress. It doesn't matter from there on wether you win or lose in life, you simply keep on following the positive course, that way you can ALWAYS be confident no matter what happens, because you know that going for gold in your life is the only right way to live.


If change was just a thought, then anyone could do it. But reality is that you can't just sit around feeling miserable for yourself and the situation you are in while being punched in the face by the reality of life. Those thoughts of change, can't become real if you just sit around feeling sorry for yourself, if you want to change then why would you stay in a state of paralyzation? If that happens it means you do not want to change, you are simply waiting for the world and people to change around you as you see fit, thereforee


Without walking, there's no way to move forward, you'll just end up waiting.

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you no what xetra you are right. its because she is moving and i am standing still. if i had found someone and got a new job i liked and was mooving on positevly in life i would feel so much better. i am trying at the minute i am studying and getting myself out there to meet new people its just taking sometime

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Hey route1 I feel yourt pain hang in there man where all in this together, I messed up today I did a bad thing and checked her facebook, yea I know why?, I was doing so well. Well she has put up new pictures off herself and she looks so happy in them and it just hurts that pain in your chest horrible, I think is she really happy honestly?, is she thinking about me(happy im gone) to make herself happy?, that's what hurts the most.


She too got a new job after she dumped me and it's what she wanted to always do and I was always there for her dream, damm life sucks so much today, you know I would be lieing if I said I dont miss her because I do so much it hurts. I too like ho tung feel as if she never thinks about me or what i did for her, today sucks im going to get myself a cup of tea and keep myself busy, if you want to talk just pm me.

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