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Embarrassing Problem

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Ok, i'm 16 and I have this kinda embarrasing problem, my left breast is alot smaller then my right. It's so embarrasing! It just makes me feel so self-conscious. What are some things that I could possibly have done, and would I have to wait til I was 18 or could I have something done sooner. Thanks.


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Hey nion. First up, welcome to enotalone.


lol I'm a guy so I don't know to much about breasts except on teasing them. Apprently its real natural for a breast to be smaller than another, however, I don't know to which extent. I suppose breasts keep developing till ur around 18 so perhaps it'll get better. All you have to remember is that, you wear a bra, no one's gonna notice and I don't know about you but the first thing I look at when I look at a chick is usually not the chest area unless she was extremely tall. When you find that special one someday, if he loved you, he seriously won't mind too much.


Take it easy

Happy Heb

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Hey there, and welcome to the site

I hope you'll find all that you need in here.


And about your problem. I'm not an expert but can anyone else perhaps explain if breasts grow irregularly? I mean, one at a time?

And as far as I know, having one breast smaller than the other is perfectly normal. (Infact, I think that having two breasts exactly the same size is even more odd).


It's the same thing with men's testicles really. One is often smaller than the other.


I hope I could help you atleast a little

Good luck, nion

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Yes I know as a fact this is completely normal.


Your breasts may even out and they may not. Most women have different sized breasts. Rarely is it noticed by anyone unless you bring it up. They are at the moment no treatments to even out breast size. Getting an implant to even them out is not really worth the risk IMO. Getting a reduction might be an idea, but would you rather have a small difference in your breasts that people more likely then not don't notice, or a scar someone will.


It's up to you. I suggest you get a padded bra and wear the padding only on the one side if you're really worried.


I hope this helps!

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Hi Nion,


It is a fact that breasts will slightly differ from another. My right breast is smaller than the left. The only annoying thing is that no bra fits properly (i have always 'space' left at my right bra, only solutions is to buy foreformed bra's).


As you are sixteen, it can be that this will grow out in years to come. Please let it be no big issue in your life and be happy!

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I'm sure there's lots of reasons why one breast may be bigger than the other - I've heard that sometimes it can be affected by whether you're right or left handed - eg. if you're righthanded you probably use your right arm a lot more than your left, using the muscles around your right arm more and this can result in your right breast appearing bigger.


You're only young so any differences will probably decrease as you develop.


As Auriqua says, don't let it become a big issue in your life - don't worry about it. The difference may lok obvious to you as you're looking for it but I doubt anyone else even notices!

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It is very common for women to have breasts of different sizes, extreme cases for that difference I heard was 2 full cup sizes. You should be glad its not that bad!


Like Auriqua mentioned, you may want to consult a fitting specialist at a specialty lingerie store. Often these specialists have expertise with people who have had your similar situation or various other fitting challenges from mastectomies to lumpectomies. They can recommend several types of bra padding or inserts to suit your needs and comfort.


As a mentioned before, don't worry too much, if you're breasts don't even out one day you can still consult a plastic surgeon.


When girls begin puberty, usually between the ages of 8 and 13, their breasts begin to develop starting with just a little swelling under the nipple, which is known as breast budding. You may notice that one of your breasts starts developing before the other or that one is growing more quickly than the other. The medical term for this is differential development, and it's nothing to worry about. In fact, it's estimated that about 40% of women have different-sized breasts, so you are definitely not alone. Many times this difference in breast size evens out once a girl is older or fully grown, usually around age 20.


Your mom, grandmother, older sister, and aunt may have had different-sized breasts also. Ask around - you might feel better if you find out that they had to deal with the same issue.


Many girls with different-sized breasts just accept that they are normal and don't do anything differently. The fact is that exercises, supplements, or diets won't help you change the size of your breasts, so those really aren't options. Other girls feel more comfortable with their bodies if they wear especially supportive bras or special inserts that make their breasts appear more equal in size. The good news is that other people usually can't see the difference in the size of your breasts.


Happy Heb

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Ok, i'm 16 and I have this kinda embarrasing problem, my left breast is alot smaller then my right. It's so embarrasing! It just makes me feel so self-conscious. What are some things that I could possibly have done, and would I have to wait til I was 18 or could I have something done sooner. Thanks.


this is my first time using this but i know how you feel im 15 and i have the same proublem my mom had breast cancer and im worried and my doctor told me the same bull crap about waiting till ur done growing so if u need to talk im here

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