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Some may recall my posts: Long story short, I broke up with her, realized I wanted her back, worked hard for months to show/tell her the way I feel, she responds with "now I need some time/space", I work for a few more months to show her how I feel with no luck. I then tell her one day I can not keep trying to "win" someone who does not want to be won, tell her I can't see/talk to her anymore.


Two weeks go by with NC, and get a text saying that she regretted her decision and thinks of me all the time. I'm the dumper, however it seems like I have been put into the situation of the dumpee when she said she needed time. So, since this was a late night text, I wanted to see if it was genuine. I get a call that night, and a text the next day. I ask her if she's being honest, and she replies "yes".


Still taking the advice from this forum, i wanted to SEE if she was being genuine, honest. So another few days goes by and it brings us to last week. She texts to ask what i'm doing. I respond but don't really go into much detail, i'm not "leading" the texting, she is. It's been another week of NC. I want her to put some genuine effort into this now. I really do want to get back together with her, but I want to make sure her actions are genuine and not just testing the waters if you know what I mean.


I have not initiated contact since that day I told her I could not see her anymore. This was some 3 weeks ago. I have some news of a business trip that she has wanted to go on for some time now. The company is sending me on a trip to the tropics and I can bring a guest. I could tell her the good news and my thoughts that it would be nice if she joined me this winter, or I can continue NC.


It's a weird situation :sad:

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