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feelings after bumping into ex/dumping someone

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what can I say, Im not in the best mood ever, it was definitely a painful weekend for me..


Its been 4 months since my 2 yr relationship ended, Ive been in NC the entire time and most if not all the contact has been initiated by my ex primarily because of financial obligations that soon will be settled.. cant wait!!


Recently within the last month, I have bumped into him several times while hanging out and while weve been able to handle each situation well and treat each other cordially, last time it just hurted more, dunno why..


during our conversation I found out of all the different activities hes now involved in, as if he were seeking distraction, I know I shouldnt care and I need to focus on me and perhaps is just wishful thinking in my part that he misses me.. but it was just so hard seeing him walk away with his friend, rather than home ya know?


I was doing very well, Ive been meeting lots of people, started dating, going out w friends etc. but now i just want this feeling to go away..


I need some closure and i think it wont start until longer nctakes place, which one occur until our financial stuff is settled (we lived together)..


on top of all this, i met another person, great guy, which i started hurting, cuz he wanted something more serious that what i wanted to give right now, and i had to let him go.. its like a double loss..


I just dont feel like doing anything today!!!

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if the relationship is over, you really should try to minimize contact with him if it is keeping you from healing and moving on.


You have to be the one that closes the door to him, and really accepts it is over and not a viable alternative for you. If seeing him gets you hoping (futilly) that he will come back, then perhaps you should avoid this, and not spend any time talking to him if you do run into him. Really close that door, and mean it.

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