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Worth the friendship??


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HI guys


My friend thinks that i was standing him up, when i told him that i was going to the office .


I am a lawyer and i am at the courts all day and then at the office from 6 to 9 pm.


I have time between 4 and 6 o clock , so we guys use to hang out and generally it would not be a problem, but work pressure is increasing and so i told my mate that we couldn't hang out like yesterday.


He thought that i was just standing him up as i think he is pretty egotistical and i tend to be pretty laid back.


Now he is not taking my calls ..which i think is ridiculous for a guy who is like 35 years old. His behavior is like a child..


WHAT do you guys think about this guys behavior, i think its very hard to be friends with him now but i am still trying to make up my mind.

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Goes to show you though how much he wanted to hang with you to be "hurt" by the non-meeting. Its pretty shocking though that a guy can't understand work as a reason for not hanging out especially as an adult. I wouldn't cut him yet. Just suspend him for now and let'em know when and if he calls work comes first cause homelessness is not an option.

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