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What is the best birth control pill for not gaining weight or having moods?


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Any suggestions?


I was on Depo for 10 months. Made me psycho. Got off it 3 weeks ago, and have been on the Ortho Tri Cyclen lo pill ever since. Have 5 more pills left, then it will of been a month.


My moods have been slightly better, still get depressed from time to time etc, but that could also be depo...I JUST got off depo, and the doctor said it would take a couple of months to get completely out of my system.


I excercise on a regular basis and eat very healthy, sweets and junk in moderation. Yet I feel like I've gained alot of weight. All of my XS and size 1 jeans still fit me, and the scale hasnt gone up, I just FEEL fat! And I feel like my love handles hang over my jeans. Maybe its just in my head. I dont have violent mood swings or * * * * * y moments like when I was on depo, but I do have times when I get exra sensitive and touchy. A little sad.


Should I switch, or just wait awhile longer til Depo is totaly out of my system before switching to something else?

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