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hi folks,


i'm feeling a little sad and a bit confused. my coworkers (who i sometimes hang out with outside of work) and my boyfriend and i had discussed going camping this past weekend. but on thursday i got an email from one of them saying that he had plans to go to a party on sunday, the way he did it, i got a feeling that he was lying.


i didn't worry about it, my boyfriend and i went camping by ourselves. but i just saw that one of my coworkers boyfriends posted pictures of all three of them camping together for the weekend.


Now, i know a few things have been going on. First i sort of got a promotion (not technically but i'm now the lead of the two of them among others). There's been a lot of drama in the office. And I know they had wanted to go camping for longer than my boyfriend and i could, but he could have just stated that.


i don't know, regardless, i'm feeling sad and a bit disappointed. kind of left out...

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It sucks when people do stuff like this. I can understand how you feel.


I would say the best thing to do is not act annoyed with them at work because of it. Just go about your day as you normally would. And if they bring it up at work just tell them you would rather wait until outside of work to talk.


I know you didn't really ask for advice on how to handle them at work... it's just what came to mind.

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thanks HK!


I think you're right, i won't bring it up tomorrow. i guess i feel like i just should try to stop hanging out with them or confiding in them. i know that's kind of childish, and i don't want be silly. i guess i'm just hurt. i don't expect them to always hang out with me or even want to, but to lie about it is just a bit over the top in my opinion.

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I think I'd probably feel hurt too


Have they given any indication that they resent your promotion? I'd go to work tomorrow and act normal, but out of curiosity I'd probably casually ask them what they did for the long weekend.


When he said he had to go to a party on Sunday, did he specifically say he wasn't going camping anymore?

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well, he just said, "i can't go camping with you guys, i realized that i had already promised to go to this party on sunday"


but the pictures that were posted were from sat and sunday nights (they just got back today)--I can't really tell which days the pics were from, but one of htem was working most of the day on friday, so i don't see how they could have gone back country camping 4-5 hours away in the daylight?

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yeah, they treat me really well. we're pretty good friends. sorry, i changed my above response. (i don't really know which nights they were camping). the pics that were posted were done so on facebook (which they both asked me to be their friends).


i mean, my boyfriend and i couldn't go both the nights. so it's fine that we didn't go with them. but still...i feel like they could have said...well...these are the nights we can go...sorry it doesn't seem like it's working out. instead of making up an excuse.


sorry, i'm not trying to drag this out. just trying to explain the situation better.

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well, i went in today and acted as normal as i could. a bit grumpy b/c i didn't sleep well. but i tried treating everyone the same. one of my coworkers that went camping just came up and asked how my camping trip went, and mentioned theirs. the other one came up later and asked me the same, but didn't mention that he went on it.


he seemed to feel guilty. i guess he kept noticing my sort of quiet state. i just wanted to get my work done and he hadn't completed some of the things he should have. and i'm tired.


he asked me to go to a big event with him, but it's a weekend that i'm busy, so i just stated that.


i guess when you're ditched, your ditched. it sucks but you get over it.

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