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all for reading my post:


So i have this boyfriend and omg ive never felt sooo amazing with anyone else. Yes i know people have probably said that about 5454654 times lol .

But when im with him it feels like no1 can hurt me! He makes me feel soooooo good about myself. He understand what im going through with my dad and everything. He loves me even tho i have the WORST temper EVER.

Yea we argue sometimes it gets pretty heated but i cant stay mad at him for very long n he rarely ever gets mad at me. Before him and i started dating i used to drink , n smoke pot basically party any chance i got.. but he took me away from it all.. n i took him away from almost drinking himself to death.

Hes 17 and im almost 17. SEPT 24th my bday... hes always their for me no matter what. this coming summer him and i are moving out and living with eachother.. n thinking bout gettin married in july. he turns 18 in june my mom said she'd sign for me : ) so idk

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