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To all newbies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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i think, hell, i know that most peeps on here are "trying" to get that relationship back with their ex, BUT what they should be doing is preparing themselves and bettering themselves for the "next relationship."


it just donned on me as i read a post; by using NC to "get over our exes," WE ARE preparing ourselves and bettering ourselves for "the next relationship," whether it "be" with the ex (which is what we want) or someone new.


by bettering ourselves with NC, we are bettering ourselves FOR ourselves, but for our "next" significant others (exes, new partners, whatever). thus, by denying ourselves the full compliment of NC (stepping back and looking at what caused the breakup to begin with, looking at ourselves like someone from the outside looking in, and examining ourselves with a fine-toothed comb), we deny ourselves the chances to ever get an ex back or make a "functional" relationship with a great person (significant other).

YOU HAVE TO GIVE YOURSELF: TIME AND SPACE enough to realize these things. NC IS NOT FOR THEM, IT'S FOR YOU...................................



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