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Dont think im ready for a new relationship

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After being dumped 5 months ago I kind of felt ready to start dating, i've only tried online dating so far but I have a problem, at times I miss having a relationship when I get chatting to girls I just want to stop and then dont feel like a relationship as I dont want to get hurt again, I know not all women are the same yet my mind constantly tells me they are, it's like I dont want to set myself up and go trough it all again so I back down and go into this little hole like a child.


If in not ready then why do I want a relationship?, is it because I can't have my ex?, ahhh! it's like a vicious cycle!.

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Well, I can't tell you if you're ready to date or not - only you know that for yourself.


One thing I did that helped me was to TRUST everyone until they gave me a reason NOT to trust them. This is not an easy thing to do, but, remember, not everyone is out to burn you.


Try it - trust the other person until they give you reason not to and see if that helps.


This is not a dress rehearsal. We only go around once. You gotta give Faith a chance.


Good luck to you.



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I'm right there with you. I got dumped 4 months ago and have just started seeing another girl over the past 2 weeks.. And as soon as I started this the floodgates opened and all the feelings and heartbreak came back on strong for my ex. I can't help but compare the 2 which is so stupid and completely unfair to this other girl. I did at least tell her that I wasn't sure about jumping into a relationship cause I got burned and she completely understands so that's cool.. It's still unfair to her though.


I've never rebounded with a girl to mask feelings for an ex and this is what I'm doing now. MAKE SURE that you go into it for the right reasons. I dunno how I can break it to this other girl.

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