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What is the most common mentality for a women after her boyfriend has broken up with her? Please give me the side of a vindictive female and a nice female, and how both might handle a situation. I'm asking this because i don't know if my ex can't be straight with me or is she trying to play me for fool. After we had broken up, she started calling me like every other day almost. But when i asked to see her she goes: "we don't have to see each other, we just friends right?" My response was: "i understand that if you feel that way, but then why are you calling me like you're my girl?" I guess that really got her defenses up and we started arguing and i hung up. I felt so horrible but either this person can't be straight forward with me, they are trying to play a game with me, get psychological revenge. People said i shouldn't answer the phone, don't call her back...but to me by doing these things i'm only playing the game along with her. Some get a thrill from games, i don't. what should i do everybody?

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Hey christie.


Ill get straight to the point on this one.If you dont like the games then leave her be. You mentioned mentality,well obviously her mentality is to play games,and you obviously dont like this.Do you want her back or do you just want clousure? i only say this because you seem to be posting alot about this girl and it doesnt seem as though you know what she wants or what you want.


She sounds as though she is confused,is she still calling you now?


I dont think you are playing games by not answering the phone etc,you are being sensible and protecting yourself against HER games. Why dont you ask her to be straight with you?you cant let this drag on forever,either you are friends or you let each other go. But who knows maybe she is trying to get revenge on you for splitting up with her,which would suggest that she may still have feelings for you,or else she wouldnt bother with you at all.


Ask for the truth,it might not be what you want to hear,but seriously,you dont want to be made a fool out of do you?

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Thanks for the great advice. I admit i do like her alot, but how come i am the only one who can admit that? I think she's not calling like that now cause when we argued i basically told her stop calling me so often. She has so much pride she would never call me like that again. She's the type that every relationship she has to come out on top, always hurting the guy....she loves that. I knew someone who knew her ex b4 me and they said the guy broke it off with her, when i metioned this to her she made sure to let me know it wasn't like that. When you can never admit that you've been hurt, you have been. She plays alot of games and all that means to me is that she may be thinking a whole lot.

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