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Going to meet a woman I met online in two days.


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To put a small idea of my background, here is how I met her. I broke up with my ex a few months back, and wanted to get back with her. It didn't happen, so I have been really depressed all week. I was out of town for a couple months, and now most of my friends don't talk to me much anymore, and I have been feeling really lonely, so I went online and looked for people to talk to. That was when I met this woman. She told me she thinks she's know how I am feeling now, and is kind of in her own sadness right now too. She asked if we hang out, if it's okay that I pay wherever we go because she is broke and barely can pay her bills. I told her it would be fine, though I did wonder if she's just looking for a sugar daddy.


She asked fairly quick when we could meet, which surprised me. I figured I was gonna be the one to ask first. I told her I would be going downtown(where she happens to live by too) in two days, and maybe we could have lunch then. She mentioned a diner that has great breakfast, so I agreed to meet there.


This is my second time meeting someone, but the first time wasn't quite like this because we actually had a mutual friend. I'm not quite sure what to expect. I told her what I am looking for right now isn't necessarily a relationship, but someone who I could just go out with to a movie or walk in the park, or lay down and watch TV with. She seems okay with that so far.


What should I expect? I'm really confused in some ways, more than I am nervous.

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She did say something about leaving me a message tomorrow. If anything, I'll keep it brief and just say I'll see her the next day.


I guess what I'm wondering about most is what's gonna happen after the diner. Will we go somewhere else, like a park or the library or mall, or would she invite me to her place. If she did that, I'd really be confused. Then again, she may not even talk to me again after we meet. XD

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just try to enjoy the positives, you can't know what she will and won't do.


secondly, as for the sugar-daddy stuff - it may or may not be the case here, so just watch out for that and see where it goes. if you can afford it and don't mind paying and it doesn't appear like she's 'using' you then i dont see that as an issue.

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