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I am back, made some progress, but still miss him...


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I haven't been on the board for months...the last time I was here my second break up was still fresh. Well things have changed since then, but I haven't really got over my Ex totally....I had been practising NC till this weekend where I bumped into my Ex at a party and that was the true test.


I realised my feelings for him were still strong....we havent been in touch for months till that point...so I didnt know whether to ignore him or be nice and polite.....he did smile at me and we exchanged hellos...but towards the end of the party I got a bit tipsy and ended up kissing a common friend of his right in front of him....I just went with the flow.


The next morning I sent him a text asking him how he's doin and if we can meet up for a coffee, he didn't reply. I tried calling him he didnt take my call.....till that point where the kiss happened he seemed to be OK...now I am wondering if he didnt like me kiss his friend.....and if he was actually thinkin of being friends again...


I sent him multiple messages last night....tellin him how I want a new beginning and we should forget the past...but didnt get a single reply. I really miss him a lot...its been 6months but am still hungup on him...I tried dating 3 diff guys in this time, but no one came any close to him.

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I was not trying to make you feel guilty .......I'm sorry


If you're broken up your free to do what you wish ......If it were me I would not have been at a party that an X was attending ....its just to strange .....why go through it and put yourself through that ......some people seem to be able to do it without any problem ....I'm just not one of them ......good luck.


Sounds like you still care for the guy very much ......I understand I still love mine till no end.


They are gone now ........time for us to get our own life in order ..........they will always be loved in our heart ...for sure.


And it does hurt and effect us both ......

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TB -


You need to let it go again... no contact in 6months and you see him and you furiously text and call him... he's feeling overwhelmed... let it go.


Don't apologize it just makes you look weaker than you are right now.


I'm sure you'll run into him again at some point but for now... the ball is in his court. Stop texting as you are just showing him you haven't changed your old habits.


Trust me - I know it's hard.... I'm still not over my ex either...

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Hey Tushboy

I haven't posted on here in ages either. I'm still not completey over Jxxx although I'm in a new relationship. It's hard especially when you know in your heart that they are "The One". I agree with Cats. You seriously need to stop contacting him. You are showing him the same person he wanted to get away from. He will contact you when he is ready to be friends with you. You can't persuade him to do this.


I know it's hard, but you really need to let you. I didn't say to stop loving him, but once and for all, let him go.


I wish you the best. You seem like such a good guy. He is not worth all this attention from you.

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