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Does he like me?


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I met someone great! I was skeptical at first because the last three years have brought me a string of bad luck in relationships and love. I was in a relationship for 3 years and it was toxic, unhealthy, and devastating when it ended. My ex and I broke up a year ago and it took me a full year or not even "seeing" someone else to get over the situation. But in the last couple of weeks... I've found myself attracted to this one guy.


The story:

My friend and I were talking about a company that I was working with (client). We were casually talking and all of a sudden I made a comment on a picture she had up with her boyfriend, boyfriends friend (lets call him K), and her. I casually told her that I thought K was really attractive. A couple of days later she said that if he emailed me would I be weirded out. I said no and giggled a bit and said what was she up to? She told me that she had took it upon herself to let K know that I thought he was attractive and that he should email me. She had showed him a picture of me too and from then on we were emailing back and forth casually for about 2 weeks. Coincidentally, we both found out that he works at the place I bought my car and I was scheduled for service the following week. So on the 3rd week of talking, I showed up at his work for service. I asked for him and instantly (I thought) we had a connection. We talked for a good 15 minutes and then I said I didn't want to take up too much of his time because I know he's working (and he's a pretty upscale manager there so he can't have his employee's seeing him "slacking") and he said I was right but turned around and asked what I had planned for the evening. I said nothing and he ended up asking me out for coffee. That night we went for coffee and I guess he hit it off (we're both pretty new in this dating thing) and ended up watching a movie. He didn't talk to me the next day but the day after that he had asked if I wanted to join him for Dinner on Friday Night. I agreed and we had a really good time. We went for a nice drive, dinner, and dessert. We got to know each other and it was a lot of fun.


This past week I saw him 4 days in a row. We went and watched two movies and just hung out the other two days. I have caught us texting quite a bit and it seems like a very natural pull. He was doing a film today (he also does extra work in movies) and we were texting and he said he would call me after he was done. he's told me in the past week that he would either call me after he was doing something or after work and we'll make plans. He's never flaked out on me yet and when he says he'll call, he does.


I've also caught him giving me a long but cute stare when I would get into the car. He would just look at me and I would smile and say "what?" and he'd just be like "nothing. Hi." and he would smile back.


I haven't seen him in two days but we've talked everyday and it seems as though he's been checking in on me even though he knows he doesn't have to. He's been a gentleman throughout the whole thing and although we've only been dating for 2 weeks but have seen each other almost everyday for the last week, he hasn't tried to kiss me or hold my hand. He's been very patient in not trying to rush anything even though I've given him a few hints that he could hold my hand.


I don't know... he's shy and I'm not use to this dating thing so I don't know if I'm reading it all wrong. But I don't know where to go from here... and if he even likes me.


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Sounds like he's really into you and respects you ... good on ya!


I believe very strongly that we need to be comfortable with ourselves before we're comfortable in a relationship, and it seems as though your year spent getting over your ex has given you the space to do just that.


Hope it all works out for you!

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