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I'm totally confused and don't want to panic!


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I've written a couple posts lately about a girl who seems great, including this one a week or so ago:



Alright, so where are we now? We've talked on the phone a few times, but since I've only been on campus for 2 days and she's been working, nothing has really happened. Earlier tonight, she calls me. She just got out of dinner with some of her girl friends (she decided to detail me about the place too?) and told me her possible plans I would be included on with them...either she'd go to a big party, a smaller get-together, or she'd just watch a movie w/ the girls because she has work tomorrow. She also informed me that 2 of her best friends were arriving tomorrow, but I'm "more than welcome" to come too.


This is all good, until...she wants me to DECIDE which of the three "tonight" choice I like most. Now normally, this isn't too tough. However, I have never seen her friends, and I didn't feel right picking one of the choices without knowing anyone else. So, I suffer some sort of mental lapse and say something to the effect of "To be honest, I don't have a preference between choices 1 and 2, if I'm hanging out with you, w/e we do is fine with me).


I was just blasted by a buddy of mine for being an indecisive moron here. The truth is, I didn't feel comfortable deciding what her friends would be doing for the night, and of course when I called to see what was up, I got her voicemail. Now, I feel as if I need to redeem my assertive and decisive nature and ask her out really soon, but I'm not sure that's the right thing to do - I literally haven't seen her in over 4 months. I really hope a little gaffe like this doesn't bomb any chance I may have.


EDIT: One idea I came up with...sometime tomorrow, I will call this girl. I'm going to tell her:

1.) I didn't feel comfortable deciding what she AND her friends, who I have never met, should do for the night.

2.) To get my decisive edge back, I'm going to investigate some ideas of where we can hang out, and when I call her I will suggest that's what we do Thursday night (I don't have class the next day, and she has a very light Friday then too). Another possibility is heading over to her work and doing this tomorrow...it's 5 minutes away from me and the place will not be busy when she's working during the day. Plus, I'd get to actually see her. The drawback here is I could come off a little too strong? Pus if she says no I walk out of there with my tail between my legs.

--Perferibly, I'd like to ease into this, but it seems I have no choice. I have a hunch she thinks I should be asking her out on some sort of date, but of course I haven't yet...then again I can simply be misreading signs here and be way off.

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Any help? Before I went to sleep last night, I think I know the right thing to do...


...I'm going to call her (if she's working she should call me when she gets out). I'm going to ask which of 2 days later this week she's "more free" (since we have classes). Whichever evening she chooses is when we go out - I have a place or two in mind already. I will tell her that we've been talking a lot but we haven't seen each other once, and that needs to change. Hopefully I get gain my decisive edge back with this.


UPDATE: Well once again, I started worrying too soon. I got a text this morning from her apologizing for not being able to answer when I had called last night, and that she has a funny story to tell me. I called her back, she was on her way to work so she'll call me when she gets off work for the story (and so I can actually make a move if I feel the timing is right). She again apologized for not picking up last night. We'll see what happens, but it seems I can breathe easy for now lol.

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