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I've been feeling so lonely with an urge to scream. HELP.


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Hey there. I feel the world is attacking me. Last week, I was doing fine. Not great, but fine. I feel my life is a cycle. Same things, same time, same stuff, and I am bored. I can't have it anymore.

I go to college and study, hang out with my friends, hang out with my "so called boyfriend" (long story-- ex boyfriend talking to get back together but not yet) , wait the whole week for the weekend to come, like every teenager.


And it's strange cause I feel really depressed with everything. I feel like a little baby that needs attention and love. I feel like I need someone here beside me and treat me good. I feel anger and jealousy because everyone is happy except me. I feel I'm being really stupid with my attitude. I feel people doesn't stand me. I feel that everything gets me like 100 times. I'm feeling really vulnerable, sensitive, sensible, sad, low energy, no interest, bored, wanting to cry, urge for changes, urge for attention, urge for affection, urge for understandings. Mood swings. A minute I'm feeling okay, then I'm feeling angry, then sad.


The problem is I'm usually this active machine full of optimism and good vibe. People enjoy my company because I consider myself a happy person which is open to experience everything and to see everything with a positive perceptive.

How I'm feeling is making me feel "out of control" because I don't know what to do to make myself feel better. I keep telling myself maybe PMS? I just want to be me again. Hate feeling like this.


Natural cures for depression or whatever is this I'm having. What am I having?

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Woosh! Sounds like PMS. I feel this way too, especially around that time.


Just take a second and stop. Breathe. Inhale and exhale. Breathe really deeply. As you breathe in, feel the negativity, the frustration and then exhale that toxic crap out!


During this time there is a Yogi tea that I drink called Women's Moon Cycle, and it helps. It helps a lot and it eases cramps.


Also you keep saying that you feel like crying. So cry. Cry it all out. Listen to a sad song, watch Beaches, whatever, just get that emotion out there. Get it out of you so you can move on.


All the best,


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Bipolar disorder no doubt, however don't grab towards those medicines just yet.


The problem you have is that you have an inappropriate view on 'reality'.


Let me show you how you think.


"You think you are in a hotel lying on the bed, and that the moment you ring roomservice, a beautifull hot guy with chocolates is going to serve your needs, will have a romantic walk on the beach with you, and make love with you all night."


Yes.... If only life really worked that way. BOING!!! wake up time, because unfortunately that's NOT how life works.


There is only one solution, and its internal. The reality is that NOTHING OUTSIDE CAN SOLVE YOUR PROBLEMS FOR YOU. Stop running, and face your problems. They arent nearly as hard when you're fighting them as when you're running from them.


You aren't going to get any support, you aren't going to get any love, the cold harsh reality of life is that you need to support and love yourself. Nothing in life will happen unless there is a valid reason for it. No action = No reaction.


And there lies the core of your problem. You need to get a GET UP N GO attitude instead of laying down on the floor trying to 'wish your problems away'.Besides Life only gets boring when you are to lazy to stick out your hands and do something with it.



If change was just a thought, then anyone could do it. But reality is that you can't just sit around feeling miserable for yourself and the situation you are in while being punched in the face by the reality of life. Those thoughts of change, can't become real if you just sit around feeling sorry for yourself, if you want to change then why would you stay in a state of paralyzation? If that happens it means you do not want to change, you are simply waiting for the world and people to change around you as you see fit, thereforee


Without walking, there's no way to move forward, you'll just end up waiting.



There are only three directions in life, down where death lies, stay where you are and go in circles, or up where an improved life lies ahead, the first 2 are worthless and lead to nowhere, this is important because it means you can set the course of your life, to the only direction that is valuable ,namely upwards towards into progress. It doesn't matter from there on wether you win or lose in life, you simply keep on following the positive course, that way you can ALWAYS be confident no matter what happens, because you know that going for gold in your life is the only right way to live.


Arbeit mach frei


. . in this case.

So Work work work hard to improve your life , every day. Don't just sit there and don't allow your life to be washed away. People can warn you all your life about this, but until you get up and do something , nothing will change, so do it.

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