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Girlfriend, me, guys, and drugs.


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Hey all, thanks for showing some interest in my post. This is my situation.


My current girlfriend is from Bulgaria. She grew up there, everything and everyone important to her is there.


I am a drug user, specifically weed. Anywhere between 4 times per month to nothing for 9 months or so.


She is COMPLETELY against drugs. She hates them with a huge passion. I quit them for her.


This will be important in just a second.


We have been going out since January of this year. During the summer she lost her job and decided to back to Bulgaria to visit everyone. She started talking to this one guy. She calls him her best guy friend. He may or not be her ex from the country, apparently they did everything but sex.


She told everyone in Bulgaria that she is coming back. Her and this guy started talking, a lot. They apparently made plans to sleep over, to watch porn together, and to get high.


I don't mind it much, I trust(ed?) her and I still do.


At one point it did get too much for me and I asked to stop talking about it, I couldn't take so much of "Oh, were going to this...."


A few days before she leaves, about 6? she brings up the topic of Weed. She says that if she is going to do it in Bulgaria with her best guy friend that I should be able to do it with her here in Canada. She also said that she felt it was unfair for only her to do it there, so she decided to do it here with me.


I didn't think much of it at that point.


After we smoked up (it only affected me), I started to think that maybe, just maybe, her being so against weed, she only did this to see what effect it would have on people.


So I decided to ask her, if she did this just to see what effect it would have on people, to use me as her guinea pig. Her answer was yes. I was her guinea pig at that time. Just to see how her best guy friend at home would act.


On the other side of the argument though, I don't think I can really blame her. Her whole life is in Bulgaria and she's been there a lot longer than we have been together, and so naturally, Bulgaria should mean more.




Feeling used does suck.


Open to ALL opinions.

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Agreed, Thats not fair whatsoever; I will give her props on coming clean about using you as a guinea pig with the weed, but I'm afraid those are the only props I'm giving her.

Watch porn together is a little strange (I dont watch porn with girls if im seeing one =P), I def wouldnt be trusting her as much; like babygirl said, you really dont deserve that, and I wish you the best,

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