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You might know me?


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I have been on enotalone under different user names. I forgot those usernames and had to create a new one.


It's been about 5 or 6 months since I've actually spent any time on here and in that time I have changed tremendously.


Just within the past month or so, I have changed dramatically, for the better=) and it feels so good to say that!


I don't constantly worry about things on my mind. I am more focused on the here and now and if I'm not, then I'm most likely in a book far, far away. It feels good to be a new person. That's exactly what I refer to myself as...A NEW and improved person.


I don't fear the unknown or things that I can't control.

I have this new saying..*which I only use it in my head*

It goes "Who cares, you can't control it, so don't even try"....

AND, YES! It does actually work! It does!


I've overcame so much fear..So much dissatisfaction!

I feel normal now...Like I don't let negative thoughts slow me

down....That's just it! I don't have negative thoughts anymore.

If anything...I get anxious when I'm really really excited now!

N' a little bit of anxiousness is OK every now and then...

I noticed a few physical changes besides emotional changes..


I feel a lot better. I'm not as tired anymore. I can actually control my

bp....I know that people say you can't control your bp, but trust ME! I can!

When I'm feeling ancy, I simply just slow down and breath...THen I get back

on track.....When I do that and check my bp, it's significantly lower than it was before...


It's great to be on here saying this.


If anyone who reads this needs and advice on how to become a positive person, please let me know...


I did it....So, now I know it's not impossible!

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After reading this I thought to myself, "Hey that's me!" lol


I use to be the most negative person in the world and I've changed so much over the past year or two. Once in a while I still get in a slump where I get depressed or overwhelmed but it doesn't consume me like it use to. And after those moments I am able to recognize the positives in my life, unlike how I use to be.


The only problem I have now is I see so many people lost in this cloud of negativity. When I try to show them the light at the end of the tunnel it seems like they don't want to see it. It can get hard at times but I just hope that people like you and I are able to help guide others to a better understanding and outlook on life. Everyone has to experience their own journey to get there.


You mentioned that you are able to control your blood pressure. I believe the way you feel emotionally has a big impact on your overall health. I've been browsing through a book lately called "Deadly Emotions" by Don Colbert. He describes how the impact emotions, especially negative, have over our health. It's definitely interesting to see the coorelation between the two. Mind over matter

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Do not sweat the small stuff believe me most of it is small stuff. And you can only live today. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not here yet. You look after today with the great importance it deserves and you have no worries tomorrow. I am glad you learned a lesson that so many can not. Good Work!

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