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Is he as unhappy as she is?


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So my friend is unhappy in her relationship, and yet she doesn't leave because she has no where else to go, so she's stuck in his house. However, I've started to wonder if he's as unhappy as she is. Because from what she tell me, he complains about everything, mostly about how little time they spend together. He also gets really clingy (They're on different shift). She tried spending more time with him, but that just leads him to complain more and get more clingy.


I dunno, they've been having problems for a year now, and I'm starting to wonder if he's as unhappy as she is, because if I had a gf, and she made an effort to spend more time with me, I'd be a happy camper. My sense are telling me that they're both unhappy, and they both need to either work it out or break it off.


Also, has anyone here ever kept on living with someone after ya'll broke up? How did that work out?

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If the partner feels bad, those bad vibes will reach the partner, and the partner will most likely sense it and also feel bad because of those negative influences. thereforee its indeed most likely that Both partners are unsatisfied in the relationship because both of them aren't getting out of it what they've expected to get out of it.


She's not showing affection, and he is complaining as a result of that.


If i was her (if possible)id move out back to her parents.

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