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Stuck in a rut...


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So if you skim over any of my previous posts, you'll see that my bf and I stuck through a couple of rough spots earlier this summer. Things are starting to get better but some doubts are resurfacing.


This upcoming semester will be really busy for him. He's a grad student taking 17 hours on top of an already demanding job. I asked him if he'd have the time for a relationship or if he needed space. He said that 'he should be fine'. He's not so great with managing time in the first place - we break plans often and I absolutely hate that .He had job training earlier this summer which took five weeks to complete. We barely saw each other, and havent done anything as a couple in awhile. He says his habits of calling things off/taking forever to return phone calls are a result of him being so busy. He just loses track of time. I'm thinking that we should take time away from each other... but part of me says I'm being selfish and should stick it out with him because I care about him....I don't know what to do

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Sometimes in a relationship you have to make sacrifices like cancelling plans. At awkward transitionary times in life it can be hard work to make a relationship work.


Its up to you. If waiting around and feeling lonely makes you feel like you really can't cope then take time out. But dont expect it to be the same when you reconcile you know?


Its up to you

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