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It hurts when the person u love and care so much for doesnt love u back

3 years down the drain.. the one who i thought was my soulmate.. the love of my life.. is gone. I put everything into the relationship.. i always put his needs first.. i invested so much energy only to get rejected like this.


I feel like i'll never love someone again.. nor will i ever have that feeling i did for him. He was my everything. How do men just move on so fast? he was with me 3 yrs.. yet he acts like i dont even exist. Its been a little more than a month since the breakup.. this is the longest i havent seen him.

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It's not that he's moved on. I'm sure deep inside he has conflicts too.


It's how he's coping with the breakup. To purge you out of his system completely. It might seem cold, but it's not uncommon.


As you've written, it's now time to put your needs first, and stop worrying about him.


I hope this doesn't come accross as matter-of-fact, but the feeling you have are common with break-ups. It sucks, but it does get better, and eventually you'll get over him and find someone new.


It's time to focus on yourself, and you'll get through this.

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First of all you did nothing wrong.

He more then likely wasn't your soul mate though I don't doubt he felt that way.

I'm sorry you are hurting this way.


I think AJ was right about not putting your boyfriends needs first and in fact thinking of yourself first - if you don't do it, who will?


I second LostInMyThoughts, time is the only way to get through this and eventually it gets easier to take.


You can talk to us and we'll help you.


Look after yourself first.


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He made like everything was my fault.. i was too needy.. obsessive.. immature.. crazy.. the list goes on.


I will admit i was needy at times, but he was emotionally unavailable and i pretty much was walking on egg shells. No matter what i did, he would blame me.. he would always find some fault with me.. he constantly criticized me.. i felt like i was never good enough.


But i guess he wasnt the one for me.. i was doing all the giving.. and got very little back.


Now hes with another girl.. only after a month of us breaking up.. hes already moved on. Im so hurt..

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it hurts like hell when someone doesn't love you back after you put in so much. it will take time, make no mistake, but you will move on and you will love and be loved. it's just that the period it takes to heal is so low and empty and feels so lonely, despite all the well wishes and well intentioned friends and family.


Be strong and just keep counting the days until one day, you will wake up and the pain will be gone. the scars may remain, but the pain will be gone.

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Same thing for me ....I feel your pain 5 years down the drain .....all your dreams gone .......our soulmates.....how we loved them so .........


listen to this all the way through ....get a cup of coffee and listen....3 months now not a peep....i hurts we used to be so close.....and we miss them so......


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