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I can't tell if she was flirting or just being friendly...


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I'm really kicking myself today because I didn't exchange numbers with this chick I met at six flags today. Ok Me and some of my friends decided to go yesterday afternoon and one of my friends brought along his very attractive cousin who I just met for the first time. She doesn't really stay in our area but I was willing to still get the number from her and try to get to know her more.Anyway we hit it off really well, we started teasing and making fun of each other right off the bat (in a playful way). Scaring and daring each other to go on rides.. We basically separated ourselves from the whole crew a lot of the times. We were basically in our own little world laughing and talking.. it was like we almost knew each other forever. We kept staring and exchanging these looks a lot of the time and I'm pretty sure she liked me but I am such a punk with making moves and I miss out on a lot of opportunities like this with females. I think she gave plenty of signs and I think by the end of the day she grew tired of me not making a move because her attitude kind of switched to a stuck up, distant attitude towards me. That happened basically after 6 flags and we went to a mall shortly after. She seemed to talk to everyone else and shrugged me off.. I don't know if I did or say something to rub her the wrong way. To make things worst, a guy came up to her out of the blue and asked her for her number and she gave it to him


My problem is that my confidence is really low.. I'm so scared of rejection because it happened to me a lot when I was younger. I was so geeky back in middle school and high school. Fast forward 4 years later and I think I've grown and changed much from what I used to look or feel. However I was scared to ask for her number because I was scared that she would reject me. I know it's not the end of the world but I soo wish I made a move.I can't tell if we were flirting with all the teasing and hitting & laughing. Or she was just being friendly I would tell my friend to give me his cousins number but that seems a little desperate now after the fact of what went down.. I mean is it possible that she was feeling me and liking me??

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It def looks like she was, and its an innocent mistake on your part. It happens dont regret it though; just look at is as a learning experience =), as the previous poster said no guts no glory. The worst shes gonna say is no =P. Are you going to be able to see her again or is it a no go? It looks like to me that she took your not asking her for her number and ect as non interest; just be up front, apologize and be honest that you find her cute and you'd like her no. and you should be good.

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