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Trust v. mistrust


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Hey everyone,


Just seeking a little clarification about a situation i experienced.


Met someone online, we talked/emailed for about 3 weeks prior to meeting and have been dating for 2 weeks or so up to this point. Things have been great thus far, no red flags just a lot of fun and good times. However, that was until yesterday.


She had mentioned she was going to a concert a few times this week but her story changed just about every other day regarding her plans for the concert. She said she was going with a group of friends, then her daughter, then she said she was not going at all. The day of the concert I was at a festival with my daughter, she and I talked during the day and she told me to call her that evening as she was not going to the concert b/c her daughter was ill. She said she had plans to paint her bathroom that evening and would love to talk with me later in the evening. I tried calling her around 8pm and had to leave a voice mail. She generally calls back within the hour but did not do so. I waited until 930pm, after getting no response and sent her a text telling her i would be up for awhile if she wanted to talk and that it was okay to call late. She never responded to the text or phone call that night.


The next day she sent me a text mid morning and said she went to the concert after all. When we talked, I asked with who and she said just some friends. I am concerned b/c there was a lot of ambiguity from her about this concert. I never brought up the concert and reflecting back it seems as though she always seemed to bring it up and change her story about who she was going with, why she was not going, etc. This situation kind of raised some hairs on the back of my neck b/c it was out of character for her from what i had experienced thus far. She usually communicates very well, replying to texts, calling back, just being respectful, i guess.


Am I overreacting, should I be cautious, what are your thoughts?

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