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need you opinion on my approach to girl


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I was shopping at a retail store and saw an attractive girl working as a cashier. I went through her register before, and she seemed shy, quiet, and mellow (it could just be the environment and being in the zombie mode due to the mindless daily routine at work). Like always when I see a girl I want to somehow approach, I circled around her and waited for the right moment to go to her stand to check out my items. There were long lines on every stand, including hers. I continued to circle around the store to wait for the lines to shorten, but it seemed like it never did. Ten minutes later, that stand with the attractive girl finally shortened and so I went there to check my things out. My heart was beating a bit as I was waiting in line. When I got to her, she didn't give any eye contact and didn't say much as she was busy checking my items out. I spoke up and said, "It's been a busy day huh?" She said, "Yea, did you have to wait in line long?" I said, "No, the line finally shortened here." I then handed my cash, and in back of the cash I said there was a card for her (my personally created "business" card with my contact info). She said what is this, and looked at it for a couple of seconds and then placed it face down on the cash register. She said, "Oh, ok" and gave no further eye contact. I took my stuff and said thanks and so did she.


What do you guys think? It was awkward, as I didn't really say much because I didn't want anybody noticing my pick-up and she seemed sly about it too, making her not be too communicative. I noticed she responded back with a question to me, "Did you have to wait in line long?" The question seemed like she was trying to make a conversation and was an indicator of interest. I was a little worried after because she wasn't too responsive to me, or it could be because she wanted to be secretive about it. I know i'm thinking way too much of this, and the only way i'll know if she's interested is if she calls me or e-mails me. Anyways, whatever the case this is my story and i'm actually proud of myself asking someone out (although not as brave as one could be because I just gave her my card w/o any requests coming from my mouth).


I realized recently how you can pick up girls with contact cards that you can quickly give to someone. It's good when your on the go and when you're in a situation where you can see her only for a minute or two, such as waiting in lines at a market.


Comments and opinions on my story is appreciated. Thanks.

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what i do with female cashiers that are attractive to me, is that i play a little game with them.....i quiz them on what famous person is on that bill....i would ask them if they can tell me what president is on a 20 dollar bill. Its lame but its my way of breaking the ice and it works! it makes it less intensive and seems less of a "pick up".

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