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so, i was forced to break NC to call the ex and get a few things back...well, i simply called and left a message on her voicemail and also added her on myspace with a message saying "id like to be friends." I have apologized a million times for what happened and understand her anger and frustration but the messages i got back are really unsettling... after the breakup atleast she was nice to me and i said i respect her and her decision, she thanked me and said she hopes i find someone who can make me happier than she did, so i wouldnt think a simple "hi id like my things back please" would hurt, i even said she could take them to a family friend of ours house and leave them for me there. This is what i got on myspace.


Message 1: "I will never forgive you"


followed by Message 2 a few moments later titled : oh and p.s.

"about your sweater and bracelet and everything; sorry, i don't keep trash laying around my house ha.. leave me alone fool, the more you try to talk to me the more pissed off my fam gets. so just drop it!! you ruined it, why can't you just move past it and continue with your fake ass life? that's what you're good at"


I have been NC with her for over a week before this message... * * * ? i told her i respected her decision and honor it, i told her i respect her wish to never talk to me again, i just wanted my stuff...i have done nothing but try and be very nice and polite and apologetic, so what would cause something like this???? If your familiar with my last posts i think one of her friends might have been there or something, she never talks like that and ive never heard her say "fool" before...idk what im asking for here, just venting a bit i suppose.

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This was a couple days ago...its been really bothering me so i had to get it out. im not going to talk to her, message her, even think about contacting her in any way...if that wasnt her she atleast knew that message went out, im going to just respect her and leave it be...she is obviously very hurt still and very angry...it will pass, when it does i want her to know that i gave her the space she needed/wanted and that im still open to talking to her, i sent her an email saying im sorry she feels how she does, i guess i deserve my * * * * getting thrown out and that i am moving on and not to worry about that. I hope that wasnt a bad move...

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lol.. i've been there. well sorta.. i'm not sure exactly what you did to her, in my situation it was the opposite my ex cheated on me. but around a month after we broke up, after a teeny bit of 'polite' chatting on msn.. i asked her if i could get my tent back. haha yes, she has my tent and sleeping bag..


anyways, she responded really coldly and said something like "ill look for it and if i find it ill give it to you and that will be that" etc and "i wont even be home ill get my sister to give it to you." i asked her why she was being so cold and she kinda blew up.. saying she couldn't feel guilty anymore etc etc


after that little episode i realized she was still really torn up about * * * * which was why she reponsded like that.. i asked for my stuff again a while later but apparently she cant find it.. (how do you lose a tent?!?! lmao)


anyway point is.. leave some space. i didnt even chat w my ex for about a month after that because i thought she'd flip out again. and it sounds like your ex (if it actually is her) is still pretty emotional about things. time is literally the best healer.. so wait for her to calm down, and maybe ask again when things are better between you two. you can always buy a new sweater.

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the sweater was a gift, it was one i cannot replace, plus i spent 300$ on the bracelet i gave her, not that i asked for it back, she just threw that in to piss me off i suppose. Other stuff like some pictures i had paid for and stuff, cannot believe she would throw that stuff out...either she was hiding her real self for a year 1/2 or she has been completely changed by her anger/hurt/friends...who knows...i cant figure this girl out.

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don't take everything she says so literally. when people are really emotional they can become overdramatic and put up huge walls. when i had that fight with my ex she said a lot of hurtful things which she later contradicted.. it hurt but i had to look past it at the time and realize it was not true.


so really, try not to get hung up on this. just give her some space and time.. and she will come around when she's feeling more herself. she probably didn't throw your stuff out either, just said that for a reaction. people say crazy * * * * when they are emotional.


also i'm not sure what happened, but it sounds like you hurt her, and as much you'd wish apologizing would fix things right away, she sounds like she is still not over it. be patient!

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